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What Do You Do When Losers from ADV Rider Followed You Here?

I very recently joined here purely out of curiosity. Still trying to figure out wtf. The new owners over there don't even ride bikes. The owner here don't ride bikes. They put ads over there to make money. There's ads here to make money. For 15 years it's been a positive experience over there. This site is like 30 dudes who post regular and now I see the connection is "no fat chix". Can I get a BMI chart index on what is considered a fat chick? Is it just, your a supermodel or your a fat chick? Will you post the supermodels that are getting their guts mixed up by your Thors hammer? This forum is a joke....
Follow me closely because my only goal is to get "perma banned" from this forum. Just watch and follow.........

Easy tiger, you don't want to reinforce that fragile snowflake stereotype.

My wife is chubby. I love her. She's beautiful. I can still laugh at a joke, and I suggest you allow yourself to do the same. Your life will be so much more pleasant for it.
I think a general lack of humor, and the sense of it, is what's gone missing over there. Fat Chix, morans, idjuts, we don't care, we'll joke about any of 'em, and about ourselves, but it seems there's just no place for that kind of humor anymore. Hell, the shit that used to be on TV (think Dean Martin roasts) would probably get you perma'd over there now. Maybe membership will be self-determining, as our dearly departed opaulo has demonstrated
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