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What's up with the Japanese Manufacturers?


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Feb 8, 2022
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I stopped by a local dealer a few days ago. Unlike a year ago their showroom was full, but not because of Japanese bikes. I talked to the sales manager. He said Kawasakis just trickle in and Yamaha is worse. The showroom was full because they also sell Triumph, Royal Enfield and a few obscure, non Japanese brands. I have seen the same thing at other dealers. If the other brands can get bikes to the USA, why can't the Japanese?

This was half of the showroom. The sales manager said they only had one Yamaha. The other half of the showroom is Triumph.

Maybe. I don't know how that could be determined without knowing the actual number of bikes produced, and where they're delivered. It could be that some areas have fewer shops than yours, and/or less demand, so they have more stock on the floor.

The supply chain interruption has lasting effects. I'm sure Honda would like to put a mini-moto under every potential buyer in the world. The same goes for every manufacturer, it's just that problems affect them all differently. COVID-19 problems still exist, and the war in Ukraine and the related sanctions reverberate throughout the world. Add that to the the random problems that always appear, and it can be hard to find a Honda Trail or a Toyota Corolla.
Or may be the bikes are stuck in containers in the port of Los Angeles....
Or may be the bikes are stuck in containers in the port of Los Angeles....
Chinese bikes seem to be making it through as well as RE's from India. Also, my local dealer is getting a lot more from Kawasaki than Yamaha. Bikes coming from Europe seem to be having less of a problem although a KTM dealer I visited a while back didn't have a lot of them.
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