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Who sells waterproof covers


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Jun 1, 2022
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Martinsburg, WV
Who sells waterproof covers to cover up luggage items like tank bags and tail bags? Maybe something with elastic or drawstring to keep it on the bag.
Just about every piece of nylon luggage comes with covers, so the manufacturer at issue may have some for you. I'm not aware of anyone who sells universal-fit covers, but maybe it's out there. Or maybe you can match something up. Being the ADV crowd, someone will chime in with a penny-tech solution I'm sure. LOL. A few years ago I decided to stop trying to waterproof soft luggage with covers, and instead waterproof the contents using ALokSaks, small clear Pelican boxes, etc. (the kayaking, backpacking, and bicycling worlds have some good cross-over solutions.)
Here are some options for you to look at. https://www.tripsavvy.com/best-waterproofing-sprays-4773587
I applied some water proving spray on my tankbag and it worked well enough in some minor rains this summer. When things got really bad I put the tank bag in my topcase even though it came with a rain cover. I just don’t like the flapping around of the cover even though it is made for the tank bag. YMMV
Old thread,but cycle helmet rain cover on my small SW Motech tank bag and ex army camo Bergen cover on my large Marsee tailbag.
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