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Why am I here?

Do you still have the R60?
No, long gone. I’m not a good old bike guy. I don’t like it when things break. After all of the time and money put into that bike, when it broke a valve spring at 5000 rpm one day and left me stranded I decided that was it. I fixed it and sold it.
Well, welcome to the corporate-free experience - even if you don't know why you're here. :clap
I ride the same BV350 I bought new in 2013, a 2007 Vespa GTS 250 I bought used 3.5 years ago, and a Moto Guzzi V7-850 I bought a year ago. The Guzzi is a blast, the Vespa is relaxing, and the BV is my all arounder/utility vehicle. Still running strong at 32,000 miles.
This sight is like missing the rock or root ya hate on every trail. Just a better line to miss crap on the trail..... Thats why I'm here....
The real reason I told Cannonshot and some idiot Ian 743457890732 to go f their selves in no uncertain words and where to stick their points
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