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Wile-E Coyote lost a step...

Proof that stupid hurt, and kills!
Can you imagine being behind this truck? Wow
Sure, but think how many likes/thumbs up/views he got for it.

Dont compare my man Wile E. to this mess. My whole life is based off the hate for that freaking bird. Everything I achieved that was great...was doo too Wile. E. engineering 101. Darwin aint got shit on my bud. Only the sheepdog I appreciated. And the bird I despised. Only quantum physics saved that dam bird. If homeboy watched the cartoon ....things might be different...and that is sad.. no freaking jokes.....jeez...a motorcyclists dissing the coyote. Ha I say I say..look here. Dont mess with Leghorn either!!!!!!!
"We haven’t had a case like this in quite some time," Houston Police Department spokesperson Jodi Silva said.

So this is not the first time it's happened???
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