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Winter gloves


Sep 3, 2022
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Hiding in the hills
I'm looking for a decent set of cold weather gloves. Currently I'm using my dirt bike gloves or leather work gloves, but they aren't cutting it below 60. Right now I'm looking at the klim hardander and the klim badlands gtx long. I'm kinda leaning towards the badlands just because while I hate cold hands, I'm not totally sold on wanting something else to forget to charge. I'd say average weather is 40-60 in the fall and winter with occasional dips into the 30's. I will be adding heated grips as well soon.
I have had the best luck with Moose racing "elephant ears", heated grips and leather work gloves. I have a set of Revit wet/cold gloves and I hate them. I had a really great set of HMK? snowmobile gloves that had enough dexterity to ride with but by the time I needed them, I parked the bike. Aerostich Merino Ropers are probably the top of my list but those have been out of stock for a while so I'll probably head to the local farm store and find some winter work gloves.
I use leather Flylow Ski gloves. They work great by themselves to 40 degrees on the road. Heated liners make them work in temperatures colder than I really want to ride.
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The right winter gloves will work well with heated grips. I.E, my BMW winter gloves have aluminum foil built in to direct heat to the top of the hand. However heated gloves are the cat's meow and I would likely spring for them over heated grips if I didn't have them already...
Waterproof moto gloves generally have a membrane in them that tends to feel slippery between the layers (inner and outer) of the glove. I have had better luck with Thinsulste lined roper (work) gloves, Deerskin or leather. Though not really waterproof they insulate well even wet. The trick if they get wet is to not take them off. But the reality is that when it's cold you won't be joy riding in the rain, and snow is pretty dry
Example here..https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kinco-81HK-M-Lined-Grain-Buffalo-Leather-Ranch-and-Work-Gloves-Thermal-Lining-Size-M/429222216
Kinco makes a good glove . and has varying degrees of insulation.
Keep in mind the warmer the glove the shorter the fingers are..so in some the palm comes to almost your first knuckle. Not an issue riding.. just weird .
Consider Joe Rocket Windchill gloves.

Real leather, so wind doesn't leak through like textile. They've proven to be actually waterproof as well. A wet leather glove is what it is, but my hands have never been wet.

With Oxford heated grips ( won't own a bike without em) I ride down in to the teens in perfect comfort. Now, I'm not claiming my hands are as warm as sitting on the couch by the fire, but I never think about my hands being cold. There's no form of wind protection on my bike. I happily ditched the hippo hands after finding these gloves.

My previous gloves were BMW Pro Winters and they just sucked. Impossible to get them to jive with myacket sleeve and the wind shot right through the textile once I hit higher speeds.

The Joe Rockets have a very generous cuff that's easy to fit over your sleeves. A strong precurve and thinner palm makes them not feel like a bulky, winter glove at all. I think I paid $65 for them.

Whatever you get I would really consider getting something leather. The wind barrier is the most important thing to keep the cold out and your body heat in. I've yet to find a textile glove that doesn't let air through on the highway. I've got much bulkier, heavily insulated textile snowmobile gloves , but they just don't cut it on the highway. They do fine tooling around in the woods on a dirt bike.

Edit: oh yeah, and the Joe Rockets have a legit left-hand visor squeegee!
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I’ll chime in on just how good heated grips and Hippo Hands are :)
Hippo hands were a lifesaver before I got heated grips. Strictly a personal thing, but I never could get used to riding with the hippo hands. They technically don't restrict your movement, but my brain was convinced they did, so I found them extremely distracting.

I could ignore them on the highway, but in town I always felt like I was fighting them.
Hellova lot easier than grip installation. Definitely warmer than grips. Plugin when needed. Simple harness inside jacket. Heated gloves. Warm n safe highly recommended. Quality. Mine are quite warm even unplugged. https://www.warmnsafe.com/
I bought a pair of these. One warmed up a bit, the other never heated at all, or at least it I couldn't be sure. The cords were a hassle, but admittedly I didn't take much time to get used to them as they wouldn't heat up, so they were returned.

If only one glove had been faulty I might've asked for replacements, but with two duds at one I didn't have much faith in their reliability.
I bought all my cold gear at Alaskan Leather in Anchorage. those alaskans know cold and wet

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I was out in -15C with only my ski gloves and heated grips and I was fine. Down jacket under my riding jacket and thermals on my legs. I was all good except I only had my MX helmet at home so my face was pretty damned cold. No heated gear for me as of yet but I've been looking at the new Mosko jacket.
I’ll chime in on just how good heated grips and Hippo Hands are :)
I had bought an inexpensive set of 'hippo hands' (another brand ... under $20!) and used 'em for a season - they were definitely helpful. Then I installed Oxford heated grips and discovered the two couldn't work together. The hippo hand and heat-troller, which I located on the left-hand controls, were blocked by the hippo hand. Maybe I'll try relocating the heat-troller.
Update, after a couple hour long commutes in the low 40's, I bought a pair of klim hardander gloves. Still need to add the heated grips as they are designed to work with them and have thinner insulation in the palms that I notice, but I can actually feel my hands when I get to work! So far though, even without the grips I rarely have to turn them on
Wasn't familiar with those gloves and decided to check em out since I'm always open to new gear.

$280 heated gloves that tell you in the sales blurb that they need to be run in conjunction with heated grips in order to keep your hands warm? Did I miss something?
To clarify, I'ma gear junkie. I've own $280 short cuff gloves that have no heat in them at all. They're just protective as hell and built like a tank. I'm not trying to poo poo anyone's choices.
Battery life lasts far longer than anything I found. Adds the heat to the back and thins insulation on the palm to conserve battery. More expensive than I wanted to spend, but ended up going with it because it was something I was able to put my hands in and have a first hand review of. Heated grips are happening anyway so I wasn't too bothered by that. Had them on my old 640 and they were on the mod list from the beginning. A lot of times recently the grips would have been enough with my summer gloves though. Wouldn't have been enough for what I have been commuting in the past couple weeks though, so gloves came first. Now just have to recover from the gloves and pants I ordered to get the grips.
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