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Idiot on wheels
Feb 11, 2022
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Burlington, WI
Snow blowers, snow machines, snow bikes, old and new. Sharing some old pics because this year has had other priorities around the old Squared compound. The BCX has been sold to someone in a more suitable region which leaves me with my Renegade 600SDI. The snowblower is just resting as today's precipitation is all ice.
sled (2).jpg
Just got this, makes me wonder why I put up with the 2T so long.
I'm currently planning on using my Milwaukee M18 drill for hard water fishing. Of course I'm only doing it once per year at this rate and our ice doesn't get very thick.
How do you like the dolomite? They are quite the bargain but the reviews are mediocre. I need something for winter exercise other than 12oz curls.

It was never my bike. I just brokered the deal for Taco. Cheap, heavy and geared pretty high for true off road trail riding. Fine for bike paths and flat terrain. I personally would something higher speced and lighter.
Haha I commuted on an xt225 during snow bans. Twice I rode across the frozen lakes with the sleds and atvs. I swore that I would have fresh knobs or screws for a decade every winter. Never happened. My rear drum brake was dialed!! I liked the ice. There are no speed limits on the lakes. I had a sporty also at the time. Ohh screws and the 883 would have ripped. Last year of the north I took my recently purchased 83 r100 hack out. What a total cheat. The xt could conquer about 8-9" of of crap. Funny thing was I had an 85 golden bullet A3 tomos that could almost conquer 12" in pedal hybrid mode. Rode many bikes in the snow. The ct70 clone with the short wheelbase and 125cc stroker was the worse. That was a scarry ride in 3" greasy snow going just a few miles to get home. I could write a book on snow riding. I moved south in 2020 and got to ride the colemans in 7" slush down here. Ha melted quick! The xt225 and a cm200 were my favorite snow bikes. And a cst 4.00-18 trials tire at 6psi was my favorite tire. Ha well forgotten.
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