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Wire color/location??


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Mar 18, 2022
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Santa Cruz
Hi all,

Another inmate on the move... Hope we can build a great community here!

Quick question. I'm installing an AS7 Autoswitch to control some lighting on my '11. I want to tap into the turn signal cancel button for the control. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to share or know which wire/color that switch runs on? Any thoughts on best place to access it?

If your still looking. According to Haynes Manual its a blue white looks like power(?) and shares ground(?), brown orange, with right turn signal switch, blue white goes to pin 2 on a connector. From that connector it's blue white to pin 8 on ZFE central electronics. I'm not sure of polarity am assuming computer outputs voltage. No idea where to access, I've not gone digging. Good luck, post some pics.
Blue/White and can be tapped at the ZFE connector.
It is sinked to ground via the cancel switch thru the ZFE

Thanks Addict! Since I don't have any manual, do you know where the ZFE module is located? I'm guessing under the tank?
Hmmm. No worky. I grabbed the white/blue wire coming off the cancel switch and it causes the AS7 to relay back and forth very fast. Not sure what to make of that.

Anyone install an AS7 on hex head era bikes?
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