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Wood chip gasification discussion.


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Feb 8, 2022
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I am considering making a gasifier, but all the people i know who have tried this, and even many posts on youtube on gasifiers seem to be running into the tar contamination issues when running engines. Has anybody herre and knowledge and experience in constructing a practical gasifier that can produce without the tar, is there a way to clean this side of it up.
I've never worked on one myself, but I remember looking in to them and I believe nighthawknlight on YouTube did some work with them. If anyone could get one running clean it'd probably be him. He's very thorough.

Fun fact: the El Camino featured in that article was owned and used by the former prime minister of Finland.

He was involved in a company which develops and manufactures commercial wood chip powerplants.

Their latest powerplant is this: https://volter.fi/en/products/walter-powerplant/
Maybe dry sawdust is better. I know cutting oak doughty wood smells like brewers yeast. Maybe fermentation is an option. The sawdust can be volatile when atomized. So a little caution. And decay produces crazy amounts of methane. Maybe better for heating than engine use.
Matty is very creative!

His post always have me brainstorming.

Some hint from an idiot laymen.

Stiochometric ratio. The problem is heart wood and sap wood. Super dry micro sap wood might have gasification in a preheat air injection to maybe a standard engine's intake. Heartwood is more dense of hydro carbons. This makes me wonder should the chips be sorted? Of if in dust be well mixed or fumed for sorting.

So I see a fuel to air ratio fluctuations from the fuel that is burning at the time. Maybe the easy fix is a longer cooking time to get the moisture and hydro to a more even burn...aka charcoal. This might seam inefficient but the primary heat can be furnced back to primary burn.. my patience level would maybe go with a sorting flume and pick my density of bio mass. Then stir dry.

Honestly I don't have clue how to do this! I just know smoke less fires are nice. But running 4 strokes...hmm why not 2?
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