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WR250R Mega Thread

Yinzer Moto

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Jan 25, 2022
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Welcome to the official WR250R thread. Post up questions or just pics of your bike


Wide load mode. Those HDB hand guards probably won’t find there way in my shopping cart again. They definitely transmit too much force to be a good sacrificial weak link and the mirrors plain sucked IMO
Back to the cheap enduro engineering guards all the other bikes get.
So u new Scott Poley I think his name was,
Ossa dealer,Dale Evans rode one I raced with,
Glider city Cycles,

I do not. My cousin sold Ossa's, Maico's, and Hodaka's along with SnoJet and Polaris snowmobiles back in the 70's. H &J Sales they were called. They also operated Thunder Ridge Cycle Park back in the day.
I am in the planning stages of adding a couple of small auxiliary LED lights to the front of my WR. What is your preferred method of wiring/switching auxiliary lights? At the moment I am planning to run a relay that is triggered by the high beam circuit with power coming straight from the battery. No switch would reduce clutter on the bars. Is there any downside I am overlooking?

Any recommendations for a relay that can handle life on a WR?
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