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Yamaha XSR125/ 155


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Mar 28, 2022
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Yamaha makes a baby XSR that is sold in Europe and parts of Asia. Europe get the XSR125 and several parts of Asia get the XSR155. The 155 cc makes 19 HP as opposed to the 125 cc that makes 15 HP. The bike weighs 293 pounds wet. The little XSR is based on the MT15, a small version of the MT07. Will we ever see it in the US? I doubt it. Japan, on the other end, will be getting the XSR125. It's not a cheap bike though. It's a high spec bike for the 125 cc segment and it's gonna cost you. But you get what you pay for. Now (hold on, hold on, I'm getting there) Yamaha Mexico sells the MT15. I keep on crossing my fingers that Yamaha Mexico will bring the XSR155 but it doesn't look like Mexicans are buying into the retro thing. So why the XSR instead of the MT? Looks for sure but also the riding position. The XSR has a taller handlebar.

Anyway, Yamaha, if you are reading this, some of us city slickers (okay, me) would like an XSR155.

MT15 from Yamaha Mexico (specs are the same as the XSR):


Yamaha Europe also sells an XSR125 Legacy. Gorgeous. But I'd settle for the regular model.

That looks really good!

The MT09 based XSR's got weird humps in the bottom edge of the fuel tanks that made it look like the tank come from something else.

Cast aluminum framed 125. That's pretty cool.
Nice, but will be a tough sell against the SG250
Is it a steel diamond with covers or a twin spar? I read some reviews that mentions steel diamond.

I checked the Duke 200 listings. There are a few 2022 still listed...Usually around $3999 Too bad ktm doesn't have an adventure or classic model based on the duke 200 chassis.
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