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1993 AmTran Genesis Mid-Bus Build


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Jan 20, 2022
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Central NM
Picked up a new bus this past weekend. A lot of it has been built out already. We're likely not going to do too much right away other than use it. Get accustomed to the new size, figure out where some missing components need to live, etc. We will be adding awnings, our BBQ, and swapping the 22.5's for 24.5's almost immediately though. It has a 128k miles on the International DT360 and Allison AT545.




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Whoa I haven't kept this thread updated at all. :dizave

Lots has been done since Aug. Fold down snowboard bartops, awning, BBQ.
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Wheelchair lift in the new bus isn't as cool as we thought it might be. It's kinda a PITA, takes up a bunch of room in the garage and if it fails, loading/unloading the bikes is going to bring the suck.
Ramp on the black bus was perfect for ease of loading and unloading as well as providing a nice picnic table in camp.

So I set out this past weekend to build a new setup. Fairly pleased. Need to finalize permanent guy wires and a latch of some sort.
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Buddy donated some 1/4" Amsteel.

i was hoping to use these rope tensioners to let it go to the ground, then adjust up to table mode, then take the slack out for travel.

all was going well until SLAM. glad i was standing on it not someone else.

So fuck it. unclip the lines for ramp, clip them back on for table, close them in the door for travel. If i decide i like it being suspended i might go in and splice the line correctly just so it looks good rather than the bowline knots that are in it now.


Got some latches.

Ripped the wheelchair lift out too. That made a whole bunch of space in the garage.

anyone need a handi-lift? sell it cheap.
Goddamn mouse invasion! :mad3: Spent all day cleaning/disinfecting and organizing. Have our first 2 day ride in 2 weeks so need to get this thing sorted for the season.
For whatever reason the builder didnt make the space under the dinette benches accessible. Just had a bunch of 2x's screwed down. Bullshit. Thats a ton of storage space ya tard.
Unscrewed em all and fitted hatches.


Spent all day Sun ripping out the coolant fed heater that was just banging around on the floor behind the drivers seat. what a clusterfuck of loops and hoses and rigged BS the previous owner had going on removing the other two rear heaters. (no pics)
Dad went over to my house today and installed the VaChina diesel heater.
Currently 62f outside and he has it up to 85f inside after running for 40 minutes. That should hopefully keep us above freezing when camping down into the single digits. :smokin: Going to have to cobble some better vent routing by the looks of things. πŸ˜†

We dont have any house batteries, just the starting bats, so I let the diesel heater run all day out there to get an idea of how much juice the thing is gonna consume.

Runtime: 10 hours.
Voltage at startup: 12.21.
Lowest voltage measured (at startup, glowplug running): 11.89
Voltage after shutdown: 12.09.
Fuel consumption (measured via paint stick): 0.4 of tank (i think its ~ 1gallon tank)..

Super stoked!
Dang I haven't updated this in a bit.

Back in April I put a toolbox in for parts/tools/dishes/etc.


Been riding and camping outtah it for the summer things are good.

Found a moster 12v fridge a few weeks ago so went and picked it up for a few dollhairs.
In trying to figure out where it was gonna live I decided that the garage door and wall had to come down, So i ripped them out one night. Previous owner was NOT scared to waste lumber or nails. Hory Chit!

The toolbox also had to flop to the passenger side so i had to cut up and reweld the stand.

And then I had to weld up a stand for this monster!


Buh bye ice chests!

Really opens the place up!


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Lot of work this weekend. gotta trials event in 2 weeks so need this thing ready to roll. Put in a vent fan to evacuate the heat from the fridge.

Dad humped out in the sun installing a battery isolator, cutoff switch, house battery, and fridge wiring.

Fridge shelfs were just sitting on shitty little cabinet pins and were not gonna work for road travel.
Designed up a set of clips that retain the shelves and my buddy printed them up.




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Finished up fridge install today with a low voltage disconnect. Trimmed out the fan and added a power port.
We'll just install a fridge they said. It'll be fun they said.
5 days later. Holy crap.

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