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2 Wheels Welding LLC – Panniers, Top Boxes, Liners, Seat Boxes and Custom Boxes


Mar 23, 2022
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Georgetown, SC
2 Wheels Welding LLC – Panniers, Top Boxes, Seat Boxes, Heat Shields, and Custom Boxes.

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[email protected]
843 457 0157

Welding and fabricating aluminum boxes for motorcycle enthusiasts by a motorcycle enthusiast.

I primarily make panniers, top boxes and pillion seat boxes for motorcycles. I also make custom boxes for any use. All my boxes can be custom made to my customers’ requirements. This is my specialty.

All my boxes are hand made from aluminum of various thicknesses, but normally 2mm (.08”). All seams are bent/folded or welded, making for an exceptionally strong box. All boxes are sealed for weatherproofing and all fasteners are stainless steel to protect from corrosion. I offer any color in smooth or textured finishes. Bare aluminum finish is available.

I can design and create aluminum boxes to meet your needs for any purpose. Send me an email and see what we can create together.

Please see my website for additional information.

Payments accepted are cash, check, credit card, PayPal and Venmo.
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I have that SWAG brake. It's a great tool for what it is but nowhere near precise enough to get those results without some MAJOR skill. It's great for rough work. Bracketry and such, but it'd be tough to make panier boxes with it. But hey, I could be wrong. Maybe the guy is just that good!
Correct. That is a Swag press brake. I do use it for some bends but it is modified. I also have two other brakes for more precision work.

Thanks for looking at my boxes!
Any size top box and panniers are now available!!!

If our standard size top box or panniers are not right for your needs, let us know what you want and we’ll make it at no extra cost!!

Please see our website www.2wheelswelding.com for details.

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I have a used full set of panniers and top box for sale. This set was used for about two years on my BMW 21' R1250 GSA. These are in excellent shape. The panniers fit all water cooled GSs and GSAs with the stock GSA rack. Will also fit 850/750 GSs and GSAs with stock GSA rack. Top box comes with the mounting plate that fits the stock GSA top rack.

Pannier size: Size: L = 16.5", W = 11", H = 14.5"
LHS Side Pannier: 45L
RHS Side Pannier: 39L (muffler side)

Top box: Size: L = 15", W = 13", H = 12", 38L

Price: $600 plus shipping


I,ve got an idea for a custom tail plate box for my GS, will contact. Do you include bombproof locks?
All our latches have locks.

I look forward to hearing about what your are interested in.

Check out this customer review!

The T7 pictured above is mine. I can say absolutely this product is definitely worth the money. You won’t find a better quality box or a better quality individual to deal with anywhere, and I’ve looked most of the brands out there. Ad to the fact he will build to your personal specs at no additional charge and this is a definite winner. I’ve already gone back and ordered the top box to go with the panniers. I have a trip up the dempster coming up in June and these will make a top notch accessory to that trip for sure.

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