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- Week 200 MPH and Upside Down on a Scooter Ride?


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Feb 8, 2022
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I headed out this morning for a short ride on my Yamaha Majesty. I was planning on riding around 20 miles, looking at and taking pics if some vintage bikes and riding another 20 miles back home. That sounds like a pleasant but not particularly exciting way to spend a few hours.

I had no idea!
The North Alabama Vintage Club was having a bike show to benefit the local Disabled American Veterans organization. I figured it would be fun to look at the old bikes, take some pics and talk to other riders. It was forecast to be another hot day so I figured I be there an hour or two. This event was free admission but they were limiting the numbers. When I got there I signed half of a raffle ticket stub and kept the other half and then went in and started taking pics of the cool bikes there.




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Awesome pictures and several of the bikes i acctualy owned and all for quite some time. I had a Kawasaki Z1B 900 a 1975 model in like a Light browny cram and brown liverey, I am not 100% but think the Orange one is a Z1A model and earlier , But its hard for me to tell, because it looks badged differently, i though ours in the UK had just DOHC 900 on the badging. But time has blurred things a bit.
Never had a titan 500 but did have a latter T500 model in red / gold .
And the MB5. Yes i had one in the late 80s, was a £20 abused but running bike, i tried to comute on for a wile, but 30 miles each way was slow even when it was deristricted, i did a few mods raised the exhaust port and bigger carb jetting and Home rolled expansion box, it raised the speed fine but it was not long before it niped up one day and the damage was done, Rather than repair the 50, i found a perfect H100 engine for £10, and from what i can remember was a straight swap wiring conections might have been diferent but i know it was very simple install. I used the home made expansion box with a slighly longer section welded in, and carb from i think an MBX 125 with bigger pilot jet i used , i remember doing some fork emulation mods and dropping them in the trees a little to help it turn in better and to be honest it handled very well for a small bike on pirelli tyres i had on it. I saw 84MPH on that 100cc one cool night and the motor generaly was stock with no porting. Thanks for posting.
PS whats the blue honda in the titan pic? Is it a CB900 or a CBX 750 or some kind.
I still have a lot more pics. This event was being held at an airport so there were aircraft to look at as well. This Gyrocopter was on the go most of the time I was there.

P6250039 (2).JPG

There were plenty of opportunities for Bike & airplane pics.

DSC04510 (2).JPG

DSC04511 (2).JPG

DSC04514 (2).JPG

DSC04517 (2).JPG

DSC04518 (2).JPG
I just kept taking pics.

DSC04524 (2).JPG

DSC04526 (2).JPG

Eventually all the walking around, taking pics, talking to people and the increasing heat got to me and I set up my folding chair in the shade in the hanger and just sat and chilled out.

That was my plan until a friend came up and told me I won the first drawing.


I didn't even know what the drawing was for.

How about a ride in the T-28?


So he pointed me to the guy I needed to talk to. The pilot who would be taking me on the ride took me inside to give me a preflight brief. I have been in plenty of preflight briefs over the years but it's been around 37 years since that briefing involved parachutes and how to bail out of the aircraft

So I put on a parachute and walked out to the aircraft. Just climbing up into the cockpit was a bit of a challenge.


More briefing on where things were in the cockpit.

More great pics from you as usual, really nice group of bikes. One of our VHT members is in the NAVJMC and for a second I wondered if it was his group until I saw all the other brands. Nice effort on the Triumph double engine street bike, rear head reversed and slick dual exhaust. Even a Suzuki Rotary. That Honda 4 cylinder looks to be either a CB900F or a CB1100F, the bottom end looks identical to my 900F.

Very cool raffle win!
I spent my entire flying career in turbine powered aircraft. The T-28 has an old radial piston engine that started very differently than a turbine. I'd compare it to kickstarting a vintage Harley compared to pushing the start button on a Gold Wing. It was really cool. Soon we were taxiing out.



Pics taken from the ramp. You can see me taking the previous pic in this one.



And then we were off.


I got a chance to fly for a while. I got the controls shortly after we left the airport and flew west for a while. Then I did couple of steep turns. He offered to let me do some aileron rolls but I decided it would be better if he did those and I just took some pics.


P6250057 (2).JPG





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