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- Week 4 days, 6 states, 1200+ miles and a bazillion curves


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Feb 8, 2022
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Last Tuesday I headed for North Carolina to meet a friend, escape the Alabama heat and ride some of the best twisty roads in the country. Some pics from my ride there.

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The Secret Service doing some "training".

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After over 400 miles I got to Spruce pine where we would be spending the next 3 nights.

Sunset pic from the motel.

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Our destination for the day was one of the more famous T shirt roads in the Eastern US. First we rode up over Roan Mountain. It was a beeeuutifull days and the roads leading to and up Roan mountain didn't suck:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky

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At the top the skies changed to gloomy and the temperature took a big drop. I'm guessing mid 50s.

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It was still a fun ride down the mountain until we hit a long delay for construction. They were repaving the road. In a few weeks it will be a great ride and I just happen to be heading back to that area in a month!

We stopped at Mountain View Motorcycle Campground since that's were we will be staying next month and Steve had never been there.

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We asked for directions on how to get over to Mountain City off of paved roads but on pavement. We were about to get more than we asked for! The Campground owner departing to pick up some suspension parts.

P8160030 (2).JPG
We followed the directions and found ourselves on a diabolically twisty and hilly back road. We were both wishing we were on our 250's because the power of the 650s was way overkill and they were a real workout. This road made the dragon look like a Kansas highway in comparison.

We stopped at a scenic spot that I recognized from my dual sport ride in June.

P8160031 (2).JPG

There was a delay as a crew was cleaning up damage from a recent storm.

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After a what seemed like endless curves we were back on "normal" roads.

P8160035 (2).JPG
We stopped for gas in Mountain City and then rode about 8 miles of:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky

That would be half of the Snake going to Shady Valley.

P8160038 (2).JPG

Lunch was at the restaurant across the intersection.


Then we rode 133 to Damascus which took us a few miles into Virginia. We stopped at the Backbone Rock tunnel heading back to Shady Valley.

IMG_20230816_135931687-X2 (2).jpg

In Shady Valley we turned right to ride the second part of the snake:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky

The dragon is more famous and a bit twistier but I think the snake is a better ride. It has way less traffic and the road is in better shape. We rode until the end of the curves and turned around stopping for some pics.

P8160047 (2).JPG


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For this road our 650s were about perfect. We rode back to Shady Valley scrubbing rubber from the edges of our tires:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky:ricky

In Shady Valley we took right on 91 which is also a great ride for a while until it approached Elizabethton. We took some back roads to detour around the traffic of the city. We stopped for a short break.

P8160060 (2).JPG

There were more great roads on the way back to Spruce Pine and it was a perfect day with temperatures in the low 70s.

One last pic that evening at the motel.

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On Thursday we just kind of winged it in the morning. We rode to Linnville falls and then headed North on the BRP. We just happened to get off to look at a map and saw this photo opportunity.

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P8170065 (2).JPG

We stopped to check out this view.

P8170067 (2).JPG

We continued on the BRP to the Linn Cove Viaduct Visitor's center which was closed years ago. Good thing we came to see the viaduct and not the visitor's center. Steve took the lead and I shot a bunch of pics.

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After lunch we visited a friend who bought a house on top of a mountain with spectacular views and just off one of the best roads in the country. I won't divulge the exact location and i forgot to take a pic of the view even though we sat on his deck and enjoyed the view for at least a half hour.

Bueller ( on the other forum ) and his dogs.


I guess I did get some of the view.


After the visit we rode a bunch of super twisty and fun roads. Unlike the dragon these roads had very little traffic.

P8170103 (2).JPG

P8170104 (2).JPG

After that I was too busy riding to take any more pics. I did get a sunset pic that evening at the motel

IMG_20230817_200631871_HDR-X2 (2).jpg
Friday was the last day of our trip. For me it would be over 400 miles to get home. We started out in NC but I didn't take my first pic until we were in SC.

P8180109 (2).JPG

We rode a lot of great curves finally stopping for lunch in Clayton GA. After that we rode a while before splitting up. I got a couple of pics going through towns.

P8180110 (2).JPG

the sign said 83 degrees. That was the highest temperature I had seen in days.

P8180111 (2).JPG

Shortly after that Steve split off as he lives in N. GA.

I took another break on Fort Mountain in GA.

P8180113 (2).JPG

I was on the trail of tears route for a while. There is a huge ride in September were thousands of bikers ride the "trail of Tears". I have no desire to ever do that. Most if not all the roads on the route are pretty boring. they are OK as a means to get somewhere but I wouldn't ride them for fun.

P8180116 (2).JPG

I stopped for dinner at what has become my favorite BBQ joint.


I also got a pound of pulled pork to take home.
After dinner I continued on. At the bottom of Sand Mountain I pulled into a boat ramp to get a pic of the sun setting over the Tennessee River.

IMG_20230818_190302891_HDR-X2 (2).jpg

Then I remembered there was a park a few miles up the road that would probably be a great place to catch the sunset so I headed that way.

P8180118 (2).JPG

I like having my bike in the pics but the best views would not allow that.

Some pics with my Olympus.

P8180124 (2).JPG



And some with my phone.

IMG_20230818_192209725_HDR-X2 (2).jpg




P8180134 (2).JPG

It was well worth the detour to get these pics!
The first and last days of this thrip were both over 400 miles. Those are the two longest rides I did this year. The two middle days were around 200 miles each and they included some of the twistiest roads in the country. If I lived in that area I'd wear all my tires out at the edges, not the middle:ricky:ricky

The weather while we were there was in the 60s and 70s. That was a real nice break from the August Alabama heat.
I just read your whole thread and then checked the title again. I misread it as "brazilian curves"! Well off the scooter girls thread...

Seriously though, amazing ride, story and pics! Thanks for sharing. You are a very talented photographer. :thumb
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