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Wanted 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner - Trail or TRD Off Road Trim


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Feb 8, 2022
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Da' UP, eh!? (Upper Michigan)
Long shot, but here goes....

I am looking for a 5th gen 4Runner (2010-2023) to build into an "overlanding" vehicle. ( I hate the term "overlanding", but I don't want to build a hard core rock crawler, just a good mid grade trail rig).

Budget is a max of $25K (I'm going to be taking this rig in the bush, and I don't want to destroy a $40K rig).

Maximum miles of 150K, unless the rig is really new and just has done a ton of highway miles.

Must be mostly rust free!

I strongly prefer the Trail or TRD Off Road trim....I really want the locking rear diff. I may consider a super clean SR5 if the price is really good (I'll spend the extra budget putting in an aftermarket e-locker).

Must NOT have a sunroof! Repeat! NO SUNROOF!!!!

I am 6'6" tall, and I do not fit in 4Runners with a sunroof. No...they don't have extra headroom, they have less.

I'm willing to travel for the right vehicle. Let me know if you have one, or see a really good local deal.

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