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Active Noise Cancellation in your helmet.

Amos Malone

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Apr 15, 2022
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Norwegian company Daal has designed Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system for motorcycle helmets. Admittedly "helmets" is a bit of an overstatement at the moment. First system will only fit the X-Lite X1005 helmet from Nolan (helmet not included in price) and use Nolan N-Com B902X intercom.
That niggling aside. The company claims; "Unrivalled active reduction of wind noise for your X-lite X-1005 without interfering with traffic sounds, safety or comfort." "Proprietary DAAL ANC for wind noise reduction, actively reducing wind noise levels in the helmet while riding.".

This is something I have been waiting for for a long time. I've been making lots of experiments with ANC in-ear headphones. When they work they are wonderful. Unfortunately most of them either not powerful enough, have bugs, or don't fit well under the helmet. This system should have fixed those issues. The only thing I see that might become a problem with these is sweaty ears.

The price for the Daal ANC is set at roughly 650 US$, plus shipping and handling, (although that includes 25% Norwegian VAT, which should be removed if exported out of EEA and EU) so I will not be one of the first buyers. When (if) the price comes down, and the system is available for more helmets, I will start looking in my piggy bank for the necessary doublons.

More information at daal.no (You have to love the Norwegian internet country code. It's like saying no to Daal. :lol3)

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