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Baja Oct. 27-Nov 1st. Who's in??


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Mar 18, 2022
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Santa Cruz
I have a hall pass from Oct. 27 through Nov 2. Gonna take a trip. I'd like to hit northern Baja. Won't do that solo. Anyone interested in a trip? Dates are pretty set as my wife is going out of town those dates.

I've been doing Baja for 30 years so I'm comfortable with the place. Just prefer to not ride alone off-road as it can be a LONG walk back. I'd like to do a combo of tarmac and dirt. Pretty open to routes and happy to plan a route based on who's riding. Likely do a 1-2 night camp then hotel kind of program. I'm not offering to 'guide' a trip, you need to be self sufficient, but I'm happy to help plan etc. Prefer a small group of 2-3 riders + me, maximum to keep it simple and nimble.

Anyone interested?
I am in Curacao spear fishing that week. bad timing for sure.

But next year , with a few weeks planning, I'd like to join.

riding the CRF450L of course

and I prefer Hotels each night.

FYI Had to ride this Hoopty today in TN, Wed I have a GS rented for Deals Gap and the Dragon

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