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Best crud cutter/degreaser for 2t bikes


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Feb 9, 2022
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So with a handful of 2Ts in the stable ,Keeping them clean has become a chore. Mostly the YZ. When it's not having a good day the spooge is everywhere and for all kinds of reasons.
Getting it spiffy clean to work on takes longer than doing the work.
I have a small electric 1800psi pressure washer and a foam cannon that does fine on the dirt . But the oil is another problem.
I have tried a few of the Chemical Guys products, Dishsoap, car wash soap, tar/bug remover..
Short of a can of spray degreaser or brake cleaner and a toothbrush.. noting does it for me.

What do you all use??
Thanks IA
I use this from Home Depot:
Thanks Jim, I just picked some up ..It did the trick better than expected and the price is right too
I even stick that in my ultrasound cleaner for bicycle parts... Works very well indeed!
+1 on simple green, the original is made with sassafras oil IIRC. Used to clean gear oil off workbench and I like the smell. :thumb
A friend of mine found out the hard way while cleaning the wheels on a GS and letting the stuff dry out too much... The FAA bans that stuff from being inside hangers and around aircraft IIRC....
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