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Apr 18, 2022
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South Central Indiana
Camping off a motorbike is awesome in itself but old bones need comfort! Show me your camper, 5th wheel, trailer conversion Class A, B or C.

2001 Casita Sprit Deluxe 17‘
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Nice Casita SD.

The Casita's, Scamps and other fiberglass TT's are built to last. The resale is amazing.
Looks seriously stout. If I was going for a heavy duty road truck, something like that would be my choice. A used transit bus based on a F-450 cab chassis would work well, too. Lots of those around, with low floors, a lift door out the side, and HVAC already installed.
It was a fun project and works awesome for my family. I've put almost 60k miles on it now.
question...Is it Glamping if you pipe your Diesel Heater into your 4-season tent? Asking for a friend

I hear that it works great

Hmmmmmmm, this could be a nice way to go in our van. We don’t need heat more than a couple times a year, I could make a panel to go into a window opening and provide an outside 12v outlet.
Recommended ..This was 3 weeks ago in Vt,4 days 3 nights, Nigh-time temps 26f Daytime mid 40s and rain/drizzle. Kept the tent and gear Dry and warm. Dry being the key ingredient. the set up is small and frugal 1/2 gal diesel and about .4v off of a 100ah deep cycle battery. The box pictured is my entire camp box (all of my gear) the heater and battery take up about 1/4 of it. Still fine tuning the set up I really do not need a 65lb full size battery. But I don't know yet what I require for the heater and my charging needs so for now.. Like with Horsepower, If more is good then too much should be great.
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