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Cass, WV BMW Rally


Mar 27, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Any of you guys planning on attending this Memorial Day weekend? Weather looks iffy on Friday, good otherwise.

Please say hi if you’re there. I’m the short old guy on a red 07 GS.
I usually go, but will miss this year due to work constraints. It figures I'll miss one with good weather for a change. It's always a sogfest when I attend. Enjoy the twisties!
Turns out I may not go either. Friday doesn’t look like a good travel day and Saturday is only slightly less wet. Willville has a much better forecast for Saturday so we may end up there.
Funny, every time I read the title of this thread my brain asks “what is a Cass VW (Volkswagen)”
Funny, every time I read the title of this thread my brain asks “what is a Cass VW (Volkswagen)”
I added a comma, maybe now it looks more like ‘city, state‘ and less like ‘model make’?

FWIW, I did end up going on Saturday, doubt I’ll give this one another try. Paid full rally price for 2 nights camping and a mediocre pulled pork sandwich. There were maybe 25 or so attendees sprinkled amongst a dozen or so RV/Campers with their full compliment of free range children. Throw in a lack of clean facilities and the weekend was less than stellar. I’ve read glowing compliments of the rally on FB, so maybe it’s just me.
It's a 4 person club that puts on the rally, and they do it to sponsor disadvantaged children. it's a good effort for a handful of volunteers.

The folks that own the Boyer campground have been trying to unload it for as long as I can remember. A couple years back, they had auction announcements up, so we all figured it might not be there this year. The motel was shut down for some time as it wasn't up to codes. The pipeline project brought a lot of money in several years back and they were able to upgrade the campsites a bit and add wifi to the motel, but the rooms are still sort of dated.

The woman running it, Susie, is in her 80's I believe, had a heart attack a couple of years ago, and splits her time working at her Son's business down the road during the day. So, expectations are kept low as far as Boyer Station is concerned. most of us who make the ride are just happy there's a place to stay once we get there.

I go to donate the rally fee and ride awesome roads, so my expectations may be different than many.
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