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Hi all. I was wondering. When I picked up my bike from stealer back in September I noticed they use some white stuff for chain. Anyone know what kind? No I didnt call. I forget to. The stuff seems awesome. I have always used the carnauba wax stuff. Thanks.
It looks like someone was extra excited to get their bike back, better wash it before it gets crusty!:lol3
There are a number of chain lubes that look like that when applied, so if it works well for you, maybe just ask the dealer's service folks what they use?
I agree with the others that it appears to be Belray SuperClean. I love that stuff. Changed the chain on my FZ07 at 25,000 miles. Had never needed adjusting once. Sprockets still like new and inside the front sprocket cover was clean as a pin. With that kind of longevity, and truly zero fling off, I don't see me looking for anything else.

Replaced the chain because the orings had just aged and were becoming very stiff.

Not great stuff for dirt bikes, though. It will collect dirt. I use Motul for the dirt bikes. It flings awful, but I don't care about that on those bikes.
Another vote for Belray Super Clean. It stays where you spray it, not slinging off. I spray it the full length of the chain, only on the sprocket side.
Does the Bel Ray pick up a lot of dirt and sand?
Does the Bel Ray pick up a lot of dirt and sand?
No. It works really well, because it dries into wax not like a oil. I ride a lot in the dirt and things stay sano. You have to give it about 20 minutes to dry once sprayed on
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