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Christmas Giveaways - #1


Jan 20, 2022
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St. Louis, MO


I'm feeling the Christmas spirit already and want to do some giveaways!

We'll be giving away things from now till Christmas...but need members input.

Lets start off giving away 5 ADV+ Upgrades !!

Rules to Enter:
--Post in this thread & include at least 1 idea
for other ADVb Xmas giveaways ($50 max).
--1 entry post max, edit your post to add other ideas
--If a current ADV+ member wins they can gift their win
to another member OR get 5x entries on next giveaway.

Rules for drawing:
--Google's Random Number Generator will pick winners.
--Your post # is your entry number.
--Each bonus entry must be its own post.
--Limit 1 win per person.
--Video recording of drawing will be provided.

Bonus Entries:-
ADV+ members automatically get double entries.
--Get a new member to sign up and enter this
giveaway (they must mention you).
--Share a screen shot & link to this to your
social media (provide screenshot).
--If you have a ADVr sticker on your bike, get creative
and modify it to ADVb sticker (provide picture).

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Corps of Engineers Camping: Directory of 942 Camping Areas in 35 States Paperback – March 21, 2022​

Portable compact air compressor.
Portable reserve fuel bottle(s).
Kriega motorcycle tool roll.
Light one man moto tent.
Portable water purifier.
Bigfoot mini fire starter kit.
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1) Chain cleaner and lube kit
2) Assorted SAE plug connectors, wiring and battery kit with waterproof USB power
3) Donation to Tread Lightly! made in the winners name
4) Individual membership to Tread Lightly!
5) Tire lube
6) Small first aid kit
7) Hydration pack cleaning kit
8) Mountain House meals
9) RAM handlebar mount, arm and X-grip phone mount
10) Assorted bolt/nuts/washers in a hard case for brands of motorcycles

--k, im done :lol2
What about some ADV Bikes swag. Tshirt, shield cleaner, stickers
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