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Jan 25, 2022
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Welcome to classifieds. This is a really great place to buy and sell items.

For the Sellers:
Post a location and price in the ad (Bonus points if they can fit in the title). Do not just post a link to an external site, write a complete ad. You can bump your ad every 5 days. You may only sell items that you own, no posting an ad for a friend. Be sure to select a title that is appropriate for the item. Once it is sold, mark it as such.

Guns: selling is perfectly fine, it is the buyer and sellers responsibility to follow all laws.

For the Buyers:
Use caution if you are buying from a new inmate. Services like PayPay offer purchase protection (avoid Friends and Family).

Replying to an ad:
No discussion about the item that is not directly related to the sale of the item. If you want to have a discussion, take to personal messages with the seller. Do not post “GLWS” or similar, just hit the like button.

These rules are in addition to our overall rules.
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