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Dakar 2023


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Feb 8, 2022
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Dripping Springs, TX
11 Americans racing. History will be made! Hopefully they can all finish and we get a few into the top 5, if not on the podium.

My buddy, Angelo Vlcek is Front row far right. This is his 4th dakar on bikes and 5th total.


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So does Toby have it with a 12 sec lead in a sprint that has a top speed limit? Or can KB make that up with pure acceleration?
Or what miracles does Skyler need to find the top step?
They're ALL winners in my book...every last one of them! Riders competing with broken bones, muscle tears and strains, bruises, exhaustion, and dehydration - if this ain't the toughest test of athletes, it's in the top three! :beer:beer:beer :clap:clap Bravo all teams and riders/drivers/navigators!
Runour has it some long sections with 90 kmh speed zones. How many spend penalties today? With the top riders so close that could spell disaster! I got up at 01:15 to tune in for the end.
Wow!! What was the final gap between K.B. and Price? 40 seconds +- after 44 hours of racing?? Holy Crap!!
And props to Skyler Howes for Third!
Toby said he was looking for at least one more waypoint than Benevidas and figures that's where he lost it. Amazing fun by the top runners and congrats to everyone who made it to the start line.
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