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Divide Adventure Ride SEPT 7-10 '23


Exit Tours MC
Mar 1, 2022
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Divide, CO
Divide Adventure Ride


4 Day Adventure ride over 11+ high mountain Passes in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains.
800 Miles, 70k + feet in cumulative elevation gain from the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. Where secure parking is available, on concrete.

All Passes are Adventure Bike suitable. Something you could drive your wife’s Subaru over.
Navigate with phone compatible dialed-in Ride with GPS tracks

Thursday September 7 to Sunday September 10 ‘23

Camp on the Arkansas river on Day 1 & 3, stay at the Silver Kings Inn in Leadville on Day 2.
Your choice of Challenging or Easier Loops on Day 3.

Club Membership for the Divide Ride includes Gear Portage, so you may ride unencumbered.
Chase Truck, 3 meals, camping right on the Arkansas River for 2 nights, with a Bar & Grill.

This 4 Day Adventure Ride is on a creative loop you would not do on your own. Old Railroad lines and spectacular scenery.
Visit Aspen and old RR communities. Ride up Pikes Peak on Day 4 if you wish.

Club Membership for this Epic 4 Day ride with amenities is only $425.

Enjoy the Camaraderie of other Like-minded enthusiasts on this outstanding Adventure.

SIGN-UP LNK https://form.jotform.com/exittoursmc/divide-adv-ride

RIDE WEBPAGE https://advtours.com/continental-divide-adv-ride/

FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/divideadvride

CLUB WEBSITE http://exittours.org

Ride over 11+ Mountain Passes you’ve probably heard about:

  1. Victor Pass*
  2. Trout Creek Pass
  3. Weston Pass
  4. Independence Pass*
  5. Hagerman Pass
  6. Mosquito Pass**
  7. Weston Pass
  8. Cottonwood Pass*
  9. Cumberland Pass
  10. Waunita Pass
  11. Blacksage Pass
  12. Old Monarch Pass
  13. Monarch Pass*
  14. Marshall Pass
  15. Pikes Peak (Not a Pass)*
  • Over 70,000 feet in elevation gain in 4 days
  • * = Paved
  • **= Alternate Hero loop on Day 3

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