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Feb 2, 2022
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Niagara, Canada
I did a search but did not locate one so I started it, A DR350 Thread. So lets talk it up...
RideSallyRide used to have one. It was awesome. That bike was ahead of its time.

I sure did!

Believe it or not, this one is still around. I was on this ride in 91 or 92 when they were first released and it still had a paper dealer tag. Had because that paper tag didn't last long.


And again on this ride in the same place for a 30th reunion ride. That bike wasn't 30 then. But the ride was for most of us. It's at my sister's house now and is 30ish now. Her husband and my friend since high school has passed away since the photo below. But the bike lives on. He has the wheel. I'm serving as the trail jack. And, yes, he really is wearing chaps. He was one of a kind.

Newberry 30th 044.jpg
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My wife has a '95. We have thought about getting something a bit more highway capable for her, but she just likes the Suzuki. I put a slightly taller rear tire on it this time, and squeezed another 5 mph of top speed out of it. Now it will do 75 mph flat out. Of course, it will do that speed all day. :D

She has an MMoto full rear rack on it, that was mail ordered from Ukraine. That rack is about as strong as the bike's frame. She has a couple of top loader Pelican cases, and a Givi top plate that fits my top box, her Givi laptop satchel (for work) or a duffel bag.

I was intensely jealous of the DR350's my friends bought when I was still on my XT350. Even after we discovered my already ancient XT was quicker and faster.

Because the XT350 has shit for suspension. DR350 suspension was pretty damned good compared to what else was around with a plate then and not too bad even now.
I used to have a DR350. Mine was kick start only. If it had electric start instead of kick only I would probably still have it instead of the WRR.
DR350 are a great little bike, and in truth all you really need to get the job done even right around the world.
The vinces epic adventure can not be overlooked , and is evidence if you ever needed it you dont need a big industry created ADV steed to go RTW if you wish.

Mine is a '97, bone stock until I got it Aug '21. Some whole lot of fun upgrading over the winter. DR 650 suspension upgrades, DR 650 tank & matching Procycle seat, fabbed up tail & side racks, licence on the fender, extended engine guard, hand guards, heated grips, GPS/USB waterproof power on the raised handlebars, LED head & taillights, lowered footers. Rebuild on both callipers & masters, new cables & stainless hoses.

The larger tank gets me 195 miles to empty now, with a 14T front sprocket.




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