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- Week Finding Nirvana.


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Feb 8, 2022
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I went for a ride yesterday and found Nirvana. I mean literally. I really found it.

P4220008 (2).JPG

No that isn't Nirvana, just a sign to help find it.

Full story coming up.
It had been a month since I went on a "real" ride. I'm talking a ride more than 25 miles from home. I finally had the chance to do that yesterday. The weather was looking great and I even had a goal for this road. No, finding nirvana wasn't that goal. One of my riding friends had started a new tag game and named it the "usual Suspects tag". The tag was up in the middle of a bunch of great riding in middle Tennessee. It was a chance to check out some roads I had not ridden before.

I almost blew it as I just couldn't get motivated in the morning. I've been sick on and off the last couple of months and just didn't have that much energy. Finally around noon I hit the road. After a half hour plus of getting through urban and suburban traffic I was out on fun roads enjoying pretty scenery.

P4220002 (2).JPG


P4220004 (2).JPG


P4220005 (2).JPG



Interesting road name. I finally checked this road out. It was a dead end gravel road with nothing exciting on it.

Gorgeous roads- just the kind of riding I love!
Middle Tennessee is full of gorgeous roads. I was riding along on one of those roads when I was approaching an intersection with a road to the left and I realized I hadn't been down that road before. At least I didn't think I had ridden it. I can never be sure because i have spend a lot of time following a friend around without a clue where I was so maybe I had ridden this road:dunno This was a real "goat trail". It was paved but rough and very narrow. I followed it for a while and then realized it was taking me in the wrong direction. I turned around and noticed this sign so I stopped and took a pic. I thought it might be a potential new tag after I found the current tag. I thought the sign had something to do with the building in the pic.

P4220008 (2).JPG

I continued back down the road when I saw a group of Harleys coming the other way. I thought that was strange because I don't normally see Harley riders on bumpy little back roads like this. A bit later I saw something I hadn't seen when coming down this road from the other direction.

P4220009 (2).JPG

I found Nirvana!!!


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But I wasn't searching for nirvana so after I took the pic I continued on my ride. More great roads and scenery.

P4220010 (2).JPG


P4220012 (2).JPG

I checked out another interesting place.

P4220015 (2).JPG

I still don't know exactly what this place is but it had some interesting gravel roads. I thought this place was cool.

IMG_20230422_143011759_HDR-X2 (2).jpg

Some historic tiny homes?

P4220014 (2).JPG

Then it was time to go find the tag.

Found it!

IMG_20230422_145007626_HDR (2).jpg

The water crossing there was slick with green slime so I didn't cross it.

P4220019 (2).JPG
After finding Nirvana as well as the tag it was time to head for home. I stopped in Pulaski, took some pics and walked around a bit.

P4220023 (2).JPG


P4220026 (2).JPG

My next stop was in Elkmont where I stopped to check out these bridges over the Elk River.

P4220032 (2).JPG

Check out the huge pile of logs and debris piled up at the base of the bridge!

P4220034 (2).JPG

That's it for pics. I got back home with 150 miles on the odometer.
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