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God Save the King

And she rode bikes.
I'm pretty sure she had nothing to do with it. But once again, you prove the irony of your name, and that not all Canadians are polite!
I see, how interesting. This has been a topic of conversation for years in the Commonwealth countries, and now we will be asking if King Charles will apologize. See the article below. There a plenty more if you would like me to post them? He's largely, unliked, and it could be an opportunity to win hearts and minds. The British Empire was evil. It was racist and genocidal and an apology from the queen would have gone a long way, but instead nothing was said, forcing these public protests and a disdain for the monarchy.

“During her 70-year reign as queen, she never once acknowledged the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that Britain invaded across the world,” Malema noted. “She willingly benefited from the wealth that was attained from the exploitation and murder of millions of people across the world.” From the strategic culture article.

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