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Hayabusa Thread


Feb 10, 2022
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Phoenix, AZ, USA
May as well get this started.


You've got to see this.

What the fuck is wrong with some people? Not you, MeWellAdjusted, but the idiots who publish shit like that.

That was my first thought, until I translated the article. It is indeed a Haybabusa in '89 GSXR 1K body work. Kinda cool I guess.

[UWSL][UWSL]RocketGarage Magazine • 10:40:00 PM • Motorcycle, Restomod, Suzuki No, this is not a 1989 GSX-R 1100, but a 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa, extraordinarily beautifully transformed by the talented technician and esthete Falk Dirla. The optical illusion is perfect. Yes Frank Dirla really did a magic, a trick of a true illusionist, he succeeded in a feat that many have dreamed of, yes because the 1989 Suzuki Gsx R left its mark in the hearts of many enthusiasts, which cannot be said on the plan. aesthetic for the Hayabusa. It all started with a battered bike with a destroyed engine resting in a corner of the workshop, in fact the timing chain had blown, destroying the valves, but after resting for a long time he was lucky enough to find someone to dedicate to him. time and money, in fact it was not cheap to rearrange the engine. To achieve this optical illusion it was to change the face of the bike and using the fairings of a 1989 GSXR 1100, he also changed the tank to give a new line In a period where we hear more and more about restomod, which leads to the updating of old bikes, this is a reverse process but which in the end seems to want to achieve the same result, that of riding an iconic bike but with the performance of a modern motorcycle.[/UWSL][/UWSL]
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