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Kymco People S 150


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Feb 8, 2022
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Kymco Imported the Like 150i to the US for 3 years, 2018-2020. For 2021 they replaced it with the People S 150. It uses the same FI 4 valve engine as the Like but otherwise it is a very different scooter. A few days ago I was at Max Motorsports in Pelham, Alabama. They happened to have 3 People 150s in the showroom.


I sat on one. The riding position was better for me than most small scooters. At 6-2 I tend to have issues with the handlebars hitting my knees when turning the bars. The People had a more clearance for my knees.

The Scooter Manager came buy and asked if I had brought a helmet. I drove there but at the last minute decided to bring a helmet just in case there was something I wanted to ride.

So. he wheeled one of them outside.


I took it for a short ride. It didn't feel as snappy off the line as my Like 150i but still had pretty good power for a 150. It had a much better ride than my like, probably due mostly to its bigger wheels. It has a 16" front and 14" rear. Slightly heavier weight and longer wheelbase may play a part as well. The steering felt way different. With 12" wheels and a short wheelbase my Like snaps into turns RIGHT NOW. The People felt more like a motorcycle with slower, lazier steering.

I only took it up to around 50 but I wonder what the top speed is. I thing it might be geared taller than the Like and be good for a few more MPH. I haven't seen many reviews on this scooter.
After I got back I looked at some other features. The underseat storage was bigger than my Like. Kymco claims it will hold a full face helmet. I didn't try it with my Modular.


A scooter with a CVT doesn't need a tach but I still like having one. The People has one.


I liked the position of the fuel cap.


Overall I really liked this scooter and might consider buying one in the future.



With a larger OD rear tire it should have numerically lower gearing than a Like. Which opes the posibility of the Like final drive set in a People for higher top speed.
I miss my 200 S.....sold it couple of years ago, replaced it with an 07 Silverwing...just sold that and bought a 2020 Like 150i ABS.
I almost bought a 200 s but chose a Super 8 150 instead. I did a test ride on both but the 200s handled like shit. Looking back I'm pretty sure the tires were way under inflated and that it would have handled just fine with some air in the tires.
Bigger diameter wheels change the handling a lot. I ride a Piaggio BV250 and the handling and ride is completely different from the Vespa 250 of the same era. I like the stability of the big wheels and it's still easy to squeeze through between lanes.
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