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motoscan - 2 hints


Mar 26, 2022
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auckland, new zealand
hi all, guess i use motoscan more than the average user and it's taken me quite a while to discover 2 useful feature i had previously over-looked

1 - most importantly how to turn it off properly so it can quickly create a new bluetooth link when the old 1 is broken by me walking back inside or turning the ignition off etc

pretty simple, just keep using the android back button until you get back to the home screen, then go back 1 more time

there's even a prompt to do this, see below, don't know how i missed it up to now

2 - using the favourite 'star' to quickly jump to your bike's version.... K50 for my 2013 1200GS, which is about 12?th on the ever growing list of bikes

to set the favourite, when you have navigated from the home screen to your bike's model, eg K50 R1200GS, press the hollow star on the right side of the screen

once favourite is set, pressing the star on the home screen will jump directly to your bike model's options....on my case K50, see image below

if i want to use motoscan on a different model of bmw, ie my hexhead K26 R1200GS, i ignore the favourite star and as per usual simply scroll through all the bike models and select K26

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Thanks Eric, I know it causes me heaps of frustration on the odd occasion I use it so will save these hints to hopefully help ,e next time.
I need to make a cheat sheet for the MotoScan as it is not very intuitive and I don’t use it much So every time I needed I click in every option till I find the one I’m looking for.
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