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No shit... there I was. The Veteran Thread


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Feb 11, 2022
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Burlington, WI
No shit there I was just hopping in my truck on a cool October Sunday afternoon headed home from a regular National Guard drill and I get a call from my infantry battalion executive officer (XO). See I was a Battalion Fire Support Officer so I work for both a Field Artillery Battalion and an Infantry Battalion. So Inf XO says "Hey LT, we had a few spots open up on our Afghanistan deployment and we would like you to go as our Field Artillery guy." Of course I reply, "roger sir, count me in." Now this deployment wasn't a complete surprise, they had announced the limited list of folks in August, the active duty train up date was late November with an overseas date of sometime after the 1st of the year. But my skillset wasn't remotely on the August list so I was looking forward to a chill year of REMF life.

So here I am with like 6 weeks notice leaving home for a year...



It was an interesting year to say the least. What's your story?
Pre satellite ‘60s cold war electronic spookery.
LL of photo ops building. UR sea of Marmara. From barracks Walked to work half mile out disused WW2 runway. “Merhaba” to the Turkish perimeter foot patrol. Up six feet to Two AP guys in kiosk with swivel .50. Show badge. Down other side of the wire. Into reinforced concrete 50 feet of sloping underground tunnel. Glass kiosk. Two more AP w/swivel .50. Left turn, right, right around kiosk. Show badge. Buzzed in thru steel roller door.

One of these just N of Ops.

So, not exactly tourist camera selfie duty site.
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Got punted elsewhere for this. Dated, yes, sort of. But far, far from over

Just wandering around taking pictures of airplanes and I run across MOH recipient Kyle Carpenter giving a speech. Yeah, I'll miss a few photos to hear what he has to say.
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