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Other social media profiles on Insta or TikTok? Let me follow you.


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Feb 8, 2022
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My kids got me into TikTok, I must admit that I kind of like it as it tends to net me new creators that I can then follow more seriously on Instagram or YouTube.

I think I follow a bunch of you all on Instagram already (Nhuskys, YinzerMoto, Gordy). If you have a profile there or TikTok and want to share it, I'd love to follow you.

I am fprintf on Instagram and @fprintf2022 on TikTok, and have mostly doggie pics at the moment on Instagram. I'll get back to posting trials pictures soon. I have yet to post anything to TikTok.
Isn't TikToxic that Chinese app with questionable data mining and spy techniques? 😉
Yep. So I've never posted anything on it and just follow people. Can't say that whatever the TikTok folks are doing is any worse than what the Instagram/Facebook/Meta team is doing anyway.
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