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Part out or Sell as is. ?


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Feb 8, 2022
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Years ago i used to think i had a grasp of the markets, anything i tended to deal in Machinery Tractors bikes cars trucks guns etc.
BUT!!!! What with covid 19 and now this war in ukraine fuel prices etc, not exactly sure of the details of why, but point is close to everything as gone mental on pricing.
Now just what % of the price hipe is bandwagon jumping advertisers looking to profit off the increased prices or not is unclear. but what little i do know is the markets are up and by a fair old wack on prices.
Now point of all this is, i have a lot of bike parts and some near complete bikes that are not top of my priority list of jobs to do, and i am thinking of selling them, probably on ebay or possibly an auction mart down in yorkshire .
Now realizing most of you here are no doubt equally as bemused as me on how the pricings are going lateley is it going to be more lucrative to part out and go to the trouble of listing and wait as long as it takes, or just go for gold and lump it alltogether and out it in a single sale or auction entry. ?
How much time do you have? I would dump it all in one fell swoop as too much stuff is a burden…..for you and whoever has to clean up the mess after you are gone. Free yourself.

by "part out" do you mean sell each bike individually or actually disassemble each bike and sell the individual parts?

by "part out" do you mean sell each bike individually or actually disassemble each bike and sell the individual parts?
Parts off the bikes, i have nothing fully assembled as such but i do have a lot of yamaha XJ900 parts some 900f and a XJ900S Diversion i am a little way into building, But i just cant get on with it , too much else going on, I have just got planning permision on some Land we have down the road, there will be two detached houses on there. With all this going on i am just taking up room i could dedicate to other projects that are acctualy what i want to do, and not just because i have a glut of parts cluttering up the place.
Selling everything individually on eBay would possibly be more work than finishing the bike builds! Pictures, descriptions, correspondence, packing, shipping, etc. I'd guess that would gross the most £ but at what expense?

I had a similar situation years ago with classic truck parts. Instead of making 50-60 listings I grouped things into 'lots' and only had to make several listings.
Thanks... i like that JOB LOT idea:hmmmmm. Like lump the XJ900S diversion frame engine installed forks etc into a loosley assembled bike, with the other spare engine a Lot by itself and the Exhausts another Lot and then the 900F panel work and both fairings . could probably get it down to 5 or six listings, then i just got a zx6r front end and xs1100 front end to list and kawasaki gt550 rolling frame .:fpalm maybe 8 lots totaly and i will not only free up the back garage i gain more room for other jobs rather than gathering clutter i desperately am trying to plan an excuse to keep.:scratch
I got hoarderitis grantura (undiagnosed of course):lol2. .
Trying to part things out is a headache for me. You still end up with a leftover pile of stuff that no one wants! Ebay is a bigger net to cast but now you're running a time consuming venture. Then there's the cost of shipping heavy parts.

Have you considered doing a local "Pay it Forward" on some of it? It's amazing what people will haul off when it's free!
In am lumping several lots together, in to related parts and listing them in anl auction down in Yorkshire via a mate down there. I am needing a clean sweep too get a few projects cought up on and finnished. Too much clutter robbing space and peace of mind is hindering progress .
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