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Pastrana in Daytona 500

Ha.. nitro circus in nascar. This a publicity stunt. Nascar is boring. Nascar tried to get Bubba Stewart for similar reasons.
Nascar would be epic with 2 cars..Pastrana and Wheelz. I would pay for that! And Uncle Ron commentating! Burnquest could be Wheelz pit manager. And Larry Enticer for Pastrana.
Pastrana is a very good rider and I think he will stand his ground. The fact that he qualified says a lot.
11th place at the 500 is not a bad finish at all.
That dude has to be part machine
With all the attrition late in the race, as usual for restrictor plate tracks, I might have been able to finish 20th myself, LOL. I'm sure Pastrana learned a lot about super speedway racing though. I loved when Clint Bowyer said if Travis finished in the top 10 you'd get the best interview of the day from him.
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