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pvangel's campers, bikes and all things cool thread


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Feb 3, 2022
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Lancaster, PA
I can't be the only one anticipating this.


I don't have room for this. I don't know if it'd be best for my use case. Shoot, I don't even know if I could afford it.

But I just love the way that trailer looks because I'm a sucker for trailers with full size wheels. Like a little kid "mom, mom. Look at that SUPERCAR!" "uh, son that's a bog standard wrx" "but look at the spoiler!" Same thing.
I've been tempted to buy an all terrain trailer, but California has a 55 mph speed limit when towing. I thought about a minivan converted to a toy hauler/sprinter van type rig, but do I need another vehicle?

We have camped in the back of our pickup quite a bit. My only complaint is that the space between the wheel wells seems to be shrinking...or is it my girth growing?

So I bought an air mattress that goes over the wheel wells. This will make the sleeping space 12-18 inches wider! I'm going to test it out this weekend. It will be near freezing, so I'll have to stack on the blankets.

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