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Rabaconda & Goldwing Tires


Jan 8, 2023
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near Charlotte
Thought I'd throw a kudos Rabaconda's way, after mounting a set of Bridgestone G852/853 tires the other day. A sharp piece of plastic tore a slit in the rear; unrepairable, at only 5200 miles. Bugger.

I've used Harbor Freight/Mojolever, No-mar and Olmaxmotors. I have to say this was the easiest motorcycle tire change I've ever done. The Rabaconda is solid where it needs to be and well-engineered, with excellent ergonomics for someone who's not in the first flush of youth. Like moi. No more scrambling around.

My biggest problem with previous methods was that I didn't change tires often enough; hard-won knowledge and muscle memory would have faded by the next time. The Rabaconda mitigates that by requiring just a few simple actions, and setup is a breeze compared to my previous equipment. For some reason I didn't seem to work as hard as the people in a couple of videos with Goldwing tires, but it could be that I used more lube than they did. Big believer in more tire lube, am I.
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