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Royal Enfield Himalayan


Reevaluating Reality
Mar 4, 2022
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Enchanted Mountain
This is Sujata, my 2022 RE Himalayan in Rock Red


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Was rewatching some India rides on YouTube earlier, not much mention of the bikes they were on but looked like rented RE 350's with the large rear rack & side frames. Plenty of power for the kind of riding they did there and plenty reliable too. I've recently put a 650 Interceptor on my long list, maybe a used one will come my way at some point.
There was a great trip report on CENSORED from a young lady who went literally everywhere on her trusty Vespa and another from a guy who rode to the Nordkapp on a Honda 50...in the dead of winter.

I feel like it's an adventure any time one travels by motorcycle...no matter what size it is!

What do you call 5 RE Himalayans in one place?

120 raw unbridled horsepower.


You mean unbridled FURY, right?? LOL
I know that the Himalayan is under powered and over weight but I have three friends I ride with regularly who have Himalayans. They just work. One guy normally rides between 100 and 140 miles just to get to the start of our rides and then does the same to get home. He ends up riding up to 450 miles for a typical dual sport day ride.
I reckon the HImalayan inspires the same sort of affection and devotion as another unassuming and underwhelming performer, the Volkswagen Type 1 or "Beetle".

I had a '60 Bug back in my high school/college days and it remains my favorite cage ride to this day. There's a lot to be said for mechanical simplicity and functional design.
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I test rode a Hima ( no clue why, I went to ride a INT 650) and was super impressed with it. I was shocked how smooth it was! The engine was smooth, the ride was smooth, the clutch was smooth. It was just a joy to ride. The road handling was excellent. I'd own one if I lived in town and didn't HAVE to take highways to get everywhere.

It was so smooth that the ride home on my FZ07 was miserable in comparison, and I had no complaints riding that bike for the past 25k miles! Feeling vibrations I had really noticed before.

I never bought a RE, but it was the leading factor in me selling my FZ 07. If the Hima single can run THAT smooth, no other engines have any excuses 😁

I'd take a Hima over another KLR650 in a heartbeat.
I think RE hit a home run with this model. They are selling a lot of them and unlike most other manufacturers they are actually shipping them across the ocean so they can be found in showrooms. At this point I have no intention of buying one but as I get older I appreciate simple machines more so who knows what the future holds.
On a ride earlier this year.

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I think Enfield are doing a great job with these newer bikes they are making this past few years.
For them its a move away from the Old Enfield bullet and they are doing a great job of new design wile keeping that true classic enfield uniqueness which sets them apart from other brands, and all at reasonable prices.
Its not hard to critasise the hymalayan or the interceptor on paper, they are just like the old bullet not high performance even by 40/ 50 years ago, and they are heavier than older bikes take the 750 interceptor in 1970 (I had one in 1977 incidentally) and the 650 interceptor of today. And dito the Hymalayan its heavier and makes less power than 400cc trail bikes from 40+ years ago.
But and IMO its a BIG BUT, .If you take the weight and HP specs into account and ignore the real facts that they are what they are new today, and that power is not all thats needed and reallity is that they have all you need to get the job done in a unique retro way and at an affordable price here in 2022 whats not to like.
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They are like a friendly mule. Load them up and lead them to the trail. They will happily plod along without worry and get you to your destination. Maybe not quickly, but the journey will be pleasant and you will have a good day.

With a frame and suspension designed by Harris Performance, you cant go wrong. Yes its cheap, but it also works and you cant ask for more than that.
If this isn't the place for this question, i apologize in advance. I've been looking at the Himalayan, and now the Scram for a while now. But am curious about how they have held up. Thanks for any input.
If this isn't the place for this question, i apologize in advance. I've been looking at the Himalayan, and now the Scram for a while now. But am curious about how they have held up. Thanks for any input.
I bought mine new in May 2018. It's a fine motorbike for everything except extended interstate travel, which is fine with me.


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I can't imagine many things more depressing than riding a motorcycle on an American interstate highway when so many wonderful secondary highways and rural roads exist to take one to beautiful scenery, funky small towns, and peaceful isolated campgrounds.
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