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Sidi trials zero 2 feedback


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Feb 10, 2022
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Almost southern Oregon
Do any of you have first hand ( foot) experience with the Sidi trials Zero 2’s and what is your option Of them?
I managed to tear my first gen Zeros today and am thinking of buying another pair.
I see that the Zero 2’s only have two buckles and are relying on Velcro to keep the top of the boot in place and a few other changes I’m not sure about.
Sally and I are in need of some new boots, I would be interested in hearing about them too. I am unsure about trusting Velcro over the long run.
That was my thought too.
I switched from Guarne’s to the Sidi’s and really liked the added stiffness in the arch.
But if I had a beef with the Sidi’s, it was that I ran out of adjustment on the top buckle and couldn’t get them as tight as I wanted.
Not apples to apples, but I have a pair of Sidi Discos I wear as trials boots, if I want a stiffer option than my Gaerne's.
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From what I've read, the sidi tend to be a little bigger in the forefoot, so I think I'm going to try them soon. Price isn't bad overseas.
Sizing has me puzzled. I wear a 46/11 1/2 Sidi Cross Fire off road boot, but my Zero’s of the same size are a little too big. I think I can go down to a 45 but I’m just not sure if the sizing stays true from the Zero to the Zero 2
Then there is the part about the missing buckle at the top of the boot.
Though that might be a plus, since I just tore off the plastic shin guard on one boot and the redesigned boot doesn’t appear to have the shin guard.
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