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Feb 8, 2022
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My last ride was much more than just a ride. It was my longest ride of the year but it was much more than that. A few weeks ago I was really sick with no idea of what I had. Researching on the web led me to some possible illnesses that could end my riding days. I was in a dark place. Looking at my ride reports as well as some of the ride videos I was in helped keep me going.

Well my doctor figured out my problem and I am getting much better. Yesterday I was able to go for my first real ride for quite a while. It wore me out but was so worth it. Here's the story.

A couple of months ago a friend told me she was planning to ride part of the route for the 2023 Scooter Scooter Cannonball. Cheryl just got a new scooter and wanted to get used to it as well seeing some of the route. I wanted to join her for some or maybe all of the ride but being sick put a big question mark on my ride. I didn't decide I could go until the day before. Although I am better I am still not able to deal with cold as well as normal and we had some really cold weather. Yesterday was forecast to be warmer so I decided to go for it.

I got on the road at a little before 10 AM with the temperature just getting to 50 degrees. 50 is not that cold but I bundled up like I would be riding to Siberia anyway. After a short stretch of interstate and then some 4 lane I finally got on one of my favorite local roads, Al 65. 65 is a two lane that winds through the Paint Rock Valley. It is a favorite of local riders because it has a lot of curves and is pretty scenic. As I was enjoying the curves and scenery I was looking for the chance to grab a couple of tags. One was the ADVr scooter tag which was a water tower and the other was a Church Zone sign for the SE regional tag on this forum. Soon I saw that I could get one of the tags and turned down a local road for that.


The tag was a water tower. This was as close as I could get. Now it was time to set a new tag.

Maybe a river or stream?

P3210001 (2).JPG

Or maybe a bridge with an unusual, non pavement surface?

P3210002 (2).JPG

I took the pics but had no cell signal so the tag would have to wait. I rode past a few churches but there were no signs.

I got to the meeting point which was just an intersection in the middle of nowhere and stopped to take a break. No cell signal here either. I was early.

P3210005 (2).JPG

Rather than just stand around I decided to head down the road and meet my friend who would be coming the other way.
I headed up 65 which is a fun country road. I rode a ways and stopped to take some pics at another scenic spot.

P3210007 (2).JPG


P3210010 (2).JPG

I hung out and enjoyed the scenery a few minutes then continued on. A few minutes later I saw a white Vespa coming the other way. I was a little slow with my camera and didn't get a pic. After a U turn I caught up and started taking pics.

P3210012 (2).JPG


P3210013 (2).JPG

We rode for a while. I was a little surprised at Cheryl's pace as she was moving along very well on an unfamiliar road and new scooter.

We rode a while before Cheryl pulled over. She thought this was a checkpoint but it turned out it wasn't. No problem, it gave me the chance to take some pics and check out her new scooter.

Cheryl is a long time Vespa rider. She decided to get a new 2023 model which has a number of improvements over her 2018 model. It just came in a few weeks ago and she barely had enough time to put some initial miles on it and take it in for its first service and oil change. She is still figuring out the electronics and some of the other changes from her previous Vespa. We we stopped for a bit as she removed the hippo hands from the bars and fiddled around with the electronics.


Then we were off. I warned her that the road ahead had a few curves:ricky

P3210025 (2).JPG

This road is very rough so a lot of my pics came out blurry. A few came out OK.

P3210026 (2).JPG


P3210030 (2).JPG


P3210044 (2).JPG
I like it, and I'm glad you're getting better from whatever it was. You're a prolific picture poster so you have no business checking out early and leaving ADVbikes with a lot less pictures in the future. :D
I'm pretty sure that's the most comfortable seat I've ever seen on two wheels.
I'm pretty sure that's the most comfortable seat I've ever seen on two wheels.
Which seat are you talking about? The seat on my scooter isn't all that great which is why I have the gel seat pad on it. But then I have either a seat pad or custom seat on 4 of my 5 bikes.
An interesting side note. The last few pics I posted were on County Road 33 going down Crow mountain. This road used to be the site of an annual SCCA hillclimb race. I found this video from a race in 2010.

I also found this description of the race:

Crow Mountain Hill Climb serves up a challenging 1.85 mile uphill course with a 720 foot elevation change featuring 7 hairpin switchbacks nestled between a ¼ mile twisty drag race to the first turn, a ½ mile section with 3 separate “S” features, some 1/8 mile sprints, and a 6/10 mile high speed curved section with two blind left-handers. The course is fully lined with ditches, granite rock faces, and large trees which offer no margin for error. Most drivers say it was the fastest and scariest two minutes of their life.

Our ride down wasn't quite that intense:D
Back to the ride. The cannonball route has a series of checkpoints the riders have to hit or they lose points. This was one of them.

P3210048 (2).JPG

After that we stopped briefly to check out on of the famous tourist attractions in the area. It's the world famous Rock Zoo!

P3210049 (2).JPG

Cheryl kept up a pretty fast pace on the little farm road we were on.

P3210054 (2).JPG


P3210055 (2).JPG

Then the route got us on a 65 MPH four lane.

P3210057 (2).JPG

My speedo was reading 85 MPH following along. Cheryl claimed her GPS read 82. Not bad for a small scooter with tiny 12" wheels. :ricky
We soon got off the 4 lane and back on a fun 2 lane. Crossing the Tennessee River:

P3210061 (2).JPG

Soon we were heading up some nice sweepers. I was impressed with the power of the Vespa. My 395cc Majesty has a bit more top end than the 278cc Vespa but the Vespa seems to pull better at lower speeds. It pulled just fine on these uphill sweepers.

P3210066 (2).JPG

We stopped for gas. With a 3.7 gallon tank I didn't need any. The Vespa needs premium. This old school gas station only carried corn free gas and didn't have pay at the pump. I used this pic for the new scooter tag.


We had to wait around 15 minutes for some road construction.

P3210075 (2).JPG

More fun riding.

P3210083 (2).JPG
Great write up and pics !!
Thanks. I have a bit more.

We stopped for a late lunch in Summerville, Georgia. It was the third state of the day for Cheryl. After we sat down to eat someone came up and said that one of the "mopeds" had its power still on. The Vespa has a pretty complicated FOB on/off system and Cheryl left it on. Her blinker was still flashing. Of course, she wasn't too happy about her top of the line Vespa being called a moped! At least its an 82 MPH moped:lol3

After lunch I went outside, decided to take a pic and "Oh Crap". The battery cover fairing piece had fallen off:dirtdog

P3210087 (2).JPG

I had just replaced the 8 year old OEM battery the day before. That cover has a really weak retention system that used to cheap plastic pins. I decided to re trace my route to see if by some chance I would see it laying beside the road. Looking at my pics I saw it was still on at the last gas stop. I never did find it but I took a few more pics on the way home.

P3210091 (2).JPG


P3210093 (2).JPG

I like old bridges so i took a short detour for this next pic.

P3210094 (2).JPG

Different view of the bridge.


From there it was about 75 more miles home. I could tell I wasn't used to riding as I was getting tired and sore. It was still great to be out on the bike.

I knew I was getting close to home when I saw the giant Saturn V beside the highway.

P3210100 (2).JPG

A little later I pulled into my driveway with 278 miles on the odo.
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