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Feb 8, 2022
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Several years ago, we (Odessa, Surak the dog, and myself) decided to do a cross-country, 3-month motorcycle trip. It was fun, but also fairly stressful, since we were in between jobs and were renting a place in Washington DC, which is not especially cheap.

So we learned from our mistakes, and after years of saving and shortly after right after our motorcycles were stolen (but found!), we ditched all most of the stuff we've accumulated over the years...


Goodbye, mattress! Goodbye, pannier that was so misformed you could stick your hand through the bottom

...so that we could set off on our bikes without being over-encumbered.

That was almost six months ago from this first post, so I'll try to sum that time up. We've had some experiences...


Hello, fender-breaking, clutch-killing, bentonite-infused mud


Goodbye, stator.

And in those months, through piecemealing lots of different routes together, we made it across the country...

We changed residency and dawdled around California for almost three months waiting for our licenses and plates to get in, but during that time we met phenomenal people, swapped out the 790 for a 690, and put the bikes (and ourselves!) through their paces. What better place than the mecca of motorcycling to test out and improve our homes? We got a lot of help along the way from a lot of folks - it was an amazing experience.

After finally getting all our paperwork, we dropped down into Baja, where we've been for the last few weeks, enjoying the desolation of this place and still more amazing people...


Sometimes you only manage to go 50km in a day

The intent is to keep going south and keep going as long as we can. We initially set a timeline of no less than two years, but we've blown through a quarter of that and it seems like we've just started! I'll be periodically posting updates here, connectivity permitting. For now it's time to ride!


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