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The Missouri Thread


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Feb 8, 2022
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Post up rides, rallies, or meet ups, and ride reports here. I know we have a great place to ride, especially south of I70. I know we also have a few great events every year as well.
Adventure palooza 2021, let's share a few pics if you rode it to get things started


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just learned of another Missouri rally coming up in October. I haven't personally attended this one, but I hear it's gooooood.
Awesome video! Trying to sell my XR, but I might have to hold on to it another year just to do this.
I really think you would have a good time. The guys that put this on really do a good job of catering to all skill levels. And you might see parts of this state you wouldn't see otherwise. It's been going on for 6 years now, I've ridden five of them and looking forward to my sixth.
The hunting here is pretty good with the exception of upland game. I used to love chasing the birds with a half decent dog. Unfortunately the current land use practices don't make favorable habitat for them anymore.
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