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The San Andreas 300 Dual Sport & Adventure ride/ Central Calif


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Mar 1, 2022
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Divide, CO

An 'E' Ticket was the best rides at Disneyland back in the day

The San Andreas 300 Dual Sport and Adventure ride in Central California

The San Andreas 300 Dual Sport ride, from Pozo to Ballinger Canyon and back, along the San Andreas Fault, took place the last weekend in April.

Over 60 Exit Tours Motorcycle Club members enjoyed perfect weather for the weekend. Sun and high clouds, with temps in the mid 70's and nights in the high 40's.
A nice breeze all weekend kept the trails relativity dust free.

Pozo Martinis were included at the Ranch Friday night, along with a raging bonfire. There was also a Night Loop to the Black Mountain FAA Tower on offer, that over 10 riders participated in.
They reported a fun ride with no issues on a Moonless night.
The Ranch in Pozo was still a green in late April, and offered plenty of room to spread out and camp. Local fast guy James Merrick (who's grandfather was once the local Sheriff, and owned the Pozo Saloon back in the day) cooked excellent Cheeseburgers, beans and brought out his Portable solar system for some evening lighting ambience.

The '22 version of the SA 300 offered 'A', B+ and B loops. Plus an ADV Loop. The 'A' Dual Sport loop was over 114 miles to Ballinger with one remotely positioned gas can.
No one reported running out of fuel.
The 'A' loop thru Pozo used all of the cool local's loop trails to the summit of Queen Bee. The B+ and B loops were both a bit over 100 miles.
Past Soda Lake to Hurricane Ridge above the San Andreas Fault was the highlight for 35 miles, of almost unused 2 track up and down hills on the ridge above the San Joaquin Valley.

The ADV Loop was 177 miles on Day 1 with a fuel stop in the blue collar town of Maricopa. Afternoon trailride loops in Ballinger Canyon were from 19 to 35 miles after lunch and a fuel stop at the Ranch in Ballinger.

Santa Maria style Tri-Tip and Texas Toast was on offer for dinner, along with adult beverages and beers at an open bar in the Lodge at the Ranch in Ballinger o Saturday evening.
The club portaged your camping gear. Camping was wherever you wanted on the Mesa or at 9 reserved camping spots with their own campfire rings, shade, picnic table and water.
Plus a nearby outhouse. The other option for lodging was in a one room strawbale lodge, that approx. 15 guys and gals took advantage of.

Sunday dawned clear and crisp. DG had the coffee brewing, and got some help from the clubs chase riders cooking pancakes and sausage.

On tap Sunday were morning loops before heading back to Pozo. You had your choice of a 45 mile A & B+ loop 'up' Tinta's Singletrack Trail this year. (Tinta is a little used Wilderness boundary trail in the mountains behind Santa Barbara) A 35 mile A & B+ loop reminiscent of the Leapin' Lizard Enduro in Ballinger Canyon was another option, while the 'B' loop went up to a WWII Lookout tower on Cuyama Peak. Which was beautiful Dual Sport ride thru Santa Barbara Canyon, olive groves and some twisty pavement for over 45 miles out 'n back.

Heading back to Pozo, the Adventure Loop did a short detour South to Quatal Canyon, then followed the San Andreas Fault past Soda Lake back to Pozo over Pozo Summit's dirt roads.
135 miles and you were back at the Ranch.

The A loop again took the excellent Hurricane Ridge back around Soda Lake, while the 'B+' and B loops journeyed along the San Andreas Fault on a litle used 2 track road thru the Carrizo Plains.
All the loops went past Soda Lake and then took Pozo Road to the summit at Queen Bee, where the A & 'B+' loops took Queen Bee Trail up and over Pine Mountain and down the infamous 'Steps' in Pozo.

The 'B' loop took the dirt Pozo road and up and over Pozo Summit and back to ranch. While the 'B+' loop also came down Pozo Road from the 'Steps'.
The 'A' Loop had one last challenge, up to the top of Las Chiches and over Powerline trail back past Turkey Flats to the ranch in Pozo. Try that after riding 290 miles off-road in 2 days, and your sure to be ready for a beer.

Pavement on Hwy 58 and Hwy's 166 & 33 ties the loops together, and makes for a fun Dual Sport ride.

For the second year running on Monday you had your choice of more loops, if you could skip work. You could of done a Trailride in Pozo, a Dual Sport ride to Lopez Lake, or the Coup de grace, an Epic loop to Pismo Beach and and Avila Bay for lunch.

Then over the mountain for a view of Morro Bay, through San Luis Obispo and up the old stagecoach road to the top of Cuesta Grade on Hwy 101, and fun twisty pavement back to the Ranch in Pozo.

Look for the 5th version of the San Andreas 300 the last weekend in April 2023. More info soon at Calidualsport.com

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Parc Ferme at Songdog Rannch


California Oak at the Ranch in Pozo


Father & son and new EXC 500's at Soda Dry Lake


Carrizo Plains Valley. Hurricane Ridge is on the Ridgetop in the background.


A few rocks in Tinta Canyon on the Sunday Morning Dual Sport Loop


If you ride to Pismo Beach on Monday that turned the San Andreas 300 into the San Andreas 425


San Andreas Fault in the foreground. Hurricane Ridge in the background


These 2 Adventure Riders an an Excellent Adventure all weekend
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