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What is your definitive marque/ brand of motorcycle.


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Feb 8, 2022
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Consider your motorcycling history consider what Marques/ brands of motorcycle you have ridden/ owned and your experiences you have had on them.
Taking everything into account. Which Marque/ brand of motorcycle is your favorite the one you have the strongest affinity with and still respect or still own.
Goldwing! I have had a 1975, 1985, 2004 and a 2012. I may in fact end up getting getting rid of this 1250gs and getting another 'wing. The 'wing is a little bit harder to maintain, but is essentially bulletproof.
Easy for me TRIUMPH. I go back to childhood tiger cub 200 trials bikes with their weak small end bearings warts and all they were my first intro into real motorcycles following on into my teens Daytona 500 /Tiger 90 350 120 Bonavile two Trident t150s a tiger TR7v 750 and more recently my curent T150 a tiger 800XCX and 96 Sprophy hybrid 900 mongrel plus varrious t110s and T100s back in the day i bought in need of work or for parts. My afinity with triumphs as always been strong and although i like many other brands i have to chose one here and its TRIUMPH.
BMW for me. From the 1982 on, I had a slew of RT's, GSA's and even a K bike. I have ridden Yamaha's, Honda's and Triumph's, as well a Zundapp and Kreidler in my youth. The boxer engine is my favorite flavor so far. My current ride is a 2018 R1200 GSA and it is a keeper. So far best of the bunch. YMMV
Am Fond of the Jap Bikes - Owned several Yami/Suzi/Honda and happiest with them over time.

Full Disclosure - I did like my 2004 KTM 400EXC - until it was knackered
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Normally I would say BMW since I have 4 of them in my garage. But you caught me at a moment where my '07 GSA is giving me fits so lets just say that I'm actively shopping for a bumper sticker that reads...

"The parts falling off this bike are of the highest German quality".

For me a toss up between triumph and Kawi
My street triple performed flawlessly the entire time I owned it
My kawis have only had minor issues with plenty of warning (mostly stators)

On the flip side I will never buy another Suzuki again both spent more time broken down than running
I started on Honda, I think I've had 8. next would be Triumph also had 8.
all the Hondas were/are excellent. 7/8 of the triumphs were also excellent.
1 Royal Enfield that spent more time in the back of my truck than on the road, a BMW, 4 Suzuki's and a Kawasaki.
I have 2 Hondas now and will probably add another in the fall.

So Honda would be my pick, with a close second to Triumph.
I've owned more Yamaha's than any other brand but Kawasaki is a close second. I have also owned some Suzuki's, a couple of Kymco's, a BMW and an Aprilia. I have never bought a Honda for myself but have bought some for my wife and son. That will change soon as I do have a deposit on a new Honda.

But, if I have to pick one I'd say I'm a Kawasaki guy and currently own two of them.
I find myself drawn to Honda, KTM and Yamaha.

KTM has been dead reliable for me, Honda's have been the most troublesome. Yamaha have been reliable as well, but KTM tends to edge them out on performance.

If we could get Honda's styling department hooked up with the boys from Austria I think we'd really be on to something.
Triumph triples
They've been on my radar recently. I really like that Tiger Sport, just want it with the bigger triple. My current FZ 09 has given me a real appreciation for a triple, I'd like to try Triumphs odd fire setup.
My first bike was a Suzuki and it stays as my favorite brand. Unfortunately at the moment they have no bikes that I'm interested in. I'm hoping that will change. Both my current bikes are Honda.
I've had equally good luck with the 3 major Japanese brands so I'll buy whichever one has the bike I want at the moment. Right now it's two Yamahas and one Kawasaki. BMW is the one brand I'll never own again, certainly not out of warranty.
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