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What Keeps You in Shape so You Can Keep Riding?


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Mar 28, 2022
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Anybody practices any sports or physical activities to help you keep riding?

I'm a bit of a gym rat with a strong emphasis on stretching. I feel that working on keeping my full range of motion has become my main goal. No contact sports. Lots of hiking and paddle boarding in the summer. I'm 51 and I feel that my energy level is still pretty good. No major injuries either but I have recurring tendonitis in my forearms.

How about you guys?
I am 80 and like going to the gym for Body Pump, Yoga, Step, Burn,etc classes 4 or 5 days a week. Today is a Balls To The Wall class at 4:30 pm then a dip in the cold pool. That seems to help my knees.
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I'm a country boy (or old man) so I take care of the place. Feed cows, cut/bale hay , we burn wood ,so there's that. I fish, I like to wade the local rivers fishing. I love to bow hunt so from Oct 1st till Jan 15 I hunt almost every day.
Regular frequent sex. :wings
Before going to the Rally Mongolia I trained 7 days a week for 8 months and used a yoga DVD 3 days a week. Now I don't do much besides run the chainsaw once in awhile. I have started stretching most mornings to try to get back a little mobility. My plan training for the Trans Taiga is to get back into my hotel room workout of squats, pushups, crunches and here at home I have a pull up bar. I used to do 3 sets of 30 reps with a 1 minute break between sets. Reasonable little workout for most big muscles.
I don't like going to the gym, yoga or stretching, but to make up for that...

Winter sports
Downhill skiing and NASTAR racing
XC skate skiing, classical and an occasional biathlon competition

Summer sports
Hare scramble and enduro racing
Trials competition
Mountain bike riding and XC racing
Road cycling and cyclocross racing

Indoor exercise equipment is a rowing machine, stationary and bike rollers, total gym and small set up dumbells. Plus we live on an acreage and heat with wood, so there is always plenty of chores to do around the place.

And at 66 I don't race as much as I did, but still try to make a few events in each discipline every year. And I'm always tired for some reason...:D
This year I ride my trials bike at least 10 times a month at64 that is my mental and physical workout plus I don't have to practice for events !
Basically This. ^^^^^^

I am 65 now and i had a worn out right knee and arthritic right hip for around ten years. Then in may of 2021 i had a minor stroke which hit .. you guessed it my whole right side.
It was only a minor stroke thankfully and my post stroke blurred vision was back to normal in under a fortnight and i got given the all clear to drive.
A huge difference from the first night they let me out of hospital and a literally crawled up the stairs using my left side dragging my at that time close to non functioning right side up a step at a time.
It was warm that night and the effort had left me sweating profusely, but i crawled into the bathroom pulled myself up to my feet in the shower and managed to sort myself out.
I Did not want the sons or my wife to help me, i am not 100% sure why i felt like this probably sheer bloody mindedness but i made it to bed that night upstairs and unassisted.
This set the routine for the foreseeable, and i went on and on getting feel and function back gradually and was riding my Kawasaki Vulcan EN500 Bobber (Super Low seat) in just a few weeks and although i have lost some right side strength i am in recovery and will be for possibly another two or three years yet.
I spend as much time as i can spare on the 2003 sherco 125 its capable and i have always liked it even when the kids used it all the time as youngsters when they went 250s i kept the sherco 125 its a family pet i suppose now.
Riding trials bikes as helped me in so many ways recently and indeed looking back throughout my life.
The kids always have had 20 & 26 inch wheeled trials bicycles, and some years ago i put together a trials cycle bassed around a 20 inch ONZA T pro frame. Now getting on that was believe it or not quite scary the first few seconds i was not sure i could cordinate the pedaling or if my knee wuld cause issues, but in a few yards i ws fine and about the only time i feel pain is stepping off wile the bike is moving it jars my knee a lot and hurts too.
Resperation wise i am ok my blood sugar levels are again fine ditto blood pressure all ok . I get both physical and mental stimulation from trials bikes generaly and i am so glad i have recovered well enough to ride again, its bad enough living with the issues the stroke left me with but thats the key word LIVING i am alive riding bikes shooting and fishing what is not to love about that. Life is good and no matter how big a black hole a person is looking into, life sure as hell beats being dead anytime. My moto is an old term, "Better to burn out than rust".
Due to a life of motorcycle mechanic work (10 years), then motorcycle and car mechanic work (13 years), then car accessories climbing into car trunks and under dashboards for 10 of the 15 years I did it, along with very hard dirt riding on Honda's heavy 4 strokes during the late '60s and into the mid '70s, I have a lot of worn out parts.

SL350K1 Croom jump.jpg

Both shoulders, both knees (though most days they don't hurt if I pace my activities correctly), some cervical vertebrae and disc damage (older heavier helmets probably didn't help) and plenty of lower back damage from the aforementioned 325 lb "dirt bike" riding as well as my left sacroiliac collapsing, pinching the left sciatic nerve aggravated by my last roller coaster ride at Busch Gardens in 2008 on the old wooden Gwazi, so I don't do much exercising. My wife walks every other morning but she does 1.5 to 2 miles, I could never make it a quarter mile without at least one knee and my lower back screaming at me. I try to spend enough time in the garage to help keep myself in halfway decent shape along with helping her do stuff in the yard she wants. I still do as much of my own mechanical work as I can but without a car lift some of it can be brutal on the back. I put a starter on her S-10 a couple years ago and it was one of the most painful things I've ever done on the floor, barely enough room between frame and 4.3 V6 to get it out and in even with it jacked up as high as I dared. I'm hoping I can get another 5 or so years of riding in at age 68 before I have to sell my CB900F due to the weight, but I'll keep my 346 lb CL450 hot rod until I'm not breathing anymore.
Sets of planks, variety of pushups, some weights several times a week, few mile runs at least once a week. I dont get enough time on the bicycle but gratefull for the cardio and stairs at work.

Calorie control.is becoming ever more important, the snacking of the 20's and 30's has been off the table for a while now... got to stay in plausible shape so as to stay on the road, stack firewood or build a deck as circumstances warrant :super
Not enough apparently. Being a carpenter keeps me in pretty good shape I guess. At 52 i feel as good as I ever have. I need to get more cardio for sure.
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