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Yamaha XSR700


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Mar 28, 2022
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I was able to get a good deal on a 2022 Yamaha XSR700. Made a deposit and was approved by Yamaha Financing - 2.99% for 36 months(!). This is a fly and ride. I bought my plane ticket this evening and will be flying to pick up my precious in South Dakota next Thursday. I will be taking the long way home through Nebraska and Colorado before hitting the Panhandle.

I am very excited about the bike. I wanted something fun but capable with the ability to carry someone once in a while. I had my eyes on Triumph for the longest time but I just couldn't bring myself to getting one. I looked at Ducati as well - their Scrambler is fun but maintenance costs were a big turn off. Plus I am very excited about doing a fly and ride. Nothing like a road trip to get acquainted with a new bike.

Nice Bike!

South Dakota! Be sure to say hi to Captain Jim and ride Iron mountain Road before you leave SD.
I know Jim is over there right now. I haven't said anything because we are short on time. We need to clock in enough miles before the weekend and get the first service done on Saturday afternoon. We won't be sticking around.
I had a FZ07. On an 09 now because I'm 6'2" and just feel better on it, but I miss the feel and sound of my 07. With sorted suspension the handling of that bike was amazingly fun!

Congrats on the new ride! They are fantastic machines.
So @cabaza,

Happy? How was the home trip?
Sorry for the late response. I have been away for a while. I will update soon.

Long story short: my wife and I had 9 wonderful days making our way back to Houston. We went through Wyoming, Colorado (where we took a one day break), New Mexico, and West Texas where the heat became an issue we had to deal with.
Don't ask me how I was able to convince my wife to do a 2,000 mile trip in 9 days on the back of an XSR 700. We've done some fly and rides before but this one was the longest and least comfortable.

Look at her: she looks so happy! Ignore is bliss... :lol3

By the way, we carried... nothing! I had a small backpack I carried on the front and my wife had a small backpack she carried on the back. She held on to me via a belt. Just enough clothes for 3 days. And that's it. Laundry was planned along the way.


We rode through Colorado and made our way to Littleton where I got the first service done at 587 miles

West Texas was a challenge. The heat became an issue. Our solution was to get up early and ride as late as 12 pm. It was already over 95 in some parts by 12 pm. It's all we could handle. We stopped in Sweetwater and our final stop was in Liberty Hill (Northwest of Austin). The only pic I have is the delicious fried chicken livers I ate at the Dahlia Cafe. I highly recommend this place.

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