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Yankee Beemers annual Frosty Nutz Rally, Ascutney, VT April 29-May 1st


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Apr 19, 2022
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The Yankee Beemers is putting on its first event of the season at Wilgus State Park in Ascutney, VT. $25 gets you two nights camping in the center of some of the best riding in New England. Many tent and lean-to to sites are available on a first come first served basis. Bring what you need for how you camp, bring a little extra to share. Spaghetti dinner provided for Friday evening. Saturday evening potluck brings some of the best feast ever created over a camp fire. If you forget your stuff at home there are several good stores nearby for food, gas and libations. We have the whole park to ourselves. Eric Hanson the park Ranger is our host for the weekend.

There will be a central communal gathering and campfire site directly in front of the restrooms. Firewood is available from the park. There are usually planned and pick up rides as you make them. Dress for the weather which will be hot, cold, dry or wet. Pay showers on site, along with running water and real flush toilets for those who care about such things.

Pre-registration is always helpful, if you decide to go at the last minute you will be welcome. https://www.yankeebeemers.org/events_FrostyNutz.html

Enter the park, Ride past the ranger station and down into the park and pick a site. The payment enforcement team will be around in the evening. There is room for larger campers, trucks and cars at either end of the park, as this is a motorcycle rally, please do not plug access to the campsites with four wheeled vehicles. Expect to share camp sites and lean-tos and its never cool to set tents up in the lean-tos.
Well the spaghetti guy threw out a disc in his back yesterday, so anyone planning to show up Friday should plan on bringing potluck to the show. Some of us are chipping in to fill the void as best we can, but it won't be quite the full-blown event as in the past.
Are you referring to food? Or do you need a list for camping gear? :D It's a typical VT state campground, with various water stations and a central bathhouse. Alcohol and weed are cool there. The club has the entire park to ourselves, as it doesn't usually open for another week or two. Claremont, NH is just across the river, with its requisite NH commercialization for most of your needs. There is also a small market just north on rt 5 that is decent if the locusts don't clean it out the first night.

Bring whatever delicacy you enjoy, just bring extra to share. I think we had about 30lbs of various sausages last year, so don't bring that. :lol3 Some guys bring vile firewater from the mother country, some folks put up a charcutier board (seriously) some bring Olives and other hors d'oeuvres. One group brought a bunch of venison. Desserts are also welcomed. It's just sort of a bring what ya like potluck.

After discussions at our Westmoreland get-together this past Saturday, it appears some of the crew are going to give the Friday night spaghetti a go. I've given up taking the GS, and will just throw my DR in the back of the truck and bring pots and propane burners for prep, and do a little dirt puttering instead of my usual rip north.

Look forward to seeing you there!
Thanks mate, got the camping thing down pat. So pot luck is Saturday night or both Friday and Saturday?
it's usually both, with Friday somewhat augmented with pasta. When ken went down with a slipped disc, we reverted to both nights, but we now have someone willing to step up on the pasta front. Still no guarantees, so best to plan for the worst.
A great turnout this weekend. 103 brave souls dared the sub-freezing evening Temps, and enjoyed voluminous food, drink, riding and companionship. Thanks to all who came.
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