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Your Bike at an Observatory


Why not?
Feb 8, 2022
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Tucson, AZ
Today...Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins, AZ


Ok, photo of the bike is at the Observatory but both bike and telescope are not together . Its the best I can do. This is in Southern Saskatchewan Canada. The Wilkinson Observatory is the work of an immigrant blacksmith Jack Wilkinson who built the telescope in the 50's from spare parts he even ground the lens himself, its on a hill in the middle of the prairie's I visited for lunch last September
It's a pretty humble observatory compared to the previously posted pics. I'm glad I found this though. I never knew it was around and I'm going to attend one of the events and check it out in action.

2022-06-15 20.52.11.jpg

Stargate Observatory

Stargate Observatory was built in 1969 by the WAS and the Rotary Club of Michigan. Dick Polus, then-president of the WAS, was informed of an available observatory site on the Rotary Club Campgrounds by his neighbor, Harold May, who was a Rotary member. The original plan for the observatory was to have a simple building with a roll-off roof. The Rotary members, however, wanted a building with a dome, and offered to help substantially with construction if that design were chosen.

Hofley Manufacturing provided material for the dome framework, and shaped the pieces free of charge. The WAS cut and finished the dome framework over three evenings at Polus's house, then welded it together onsite. Sheet aluminum was cut and riveted to the frame, and placed atop the completed building with the help of member Mel Mazzline. Stargate Observatory went into operation in the Spring of 1970.

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