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Mar 28, 2022
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I bought a 2022 BMW R18 Classic in early November. BMW offered some serious incentives so it seemed like a good idea. I am not a cruiser guy and definitely not a Harley guy either. I wanted to try something different. I did own an R1200C back in the late 90s so I figured I could try this again with an R18.

I test rode both a Transcontinental and a Classic and decided on the Classic met my needs. I was going to do a short fly and ride (Dallas/ Houston) but a mistake on my part while booking my flight meant the wife and I drove to Dallas and I rode the bike back while she drove (we don't own a pick up truck).

So what's the bike like? She is big, that's for sure. She's comfortable and the ride is quite plush. My bike has the Option 719 seats. They are on the firm side but you seat very well in them and can eat miles easily. The wind protection needs to be addressed. It's not enough past 60 mph. Quality is unmatched. BMW outdone themselves. The bike should look good for many years.


I boughtlower defectors from Memphis Shades. Wow! What a difference! Yes I still have some buffeting at the top of the helmet but I am not getting any wind from the lower part of the bike. The ride is much smoother. Am I turning into one of 'em cruiser guys?


I then installed the crash bars and the Clearview Shields windshield. The windshield makes a HUGE difference. It's not perfect but it's much better. I also bought the BMW solo seat. I'm keeping it in the box for now. The wife and I are planning to go to Mexico during Spring Break and we may head out next summer too. Until she tells me she's done (which may be right after our Mexican trip), I'll keep 2 seats on the bike.

Obligatory pictures


I splurged on the comfort seat from Wunderlich. I really like how they look. The Wunderlich seat is definitely taller - which I like. It messed with my windshield though.

While I like the Wunderlich seats and how handy they will be in the Spring/ Summer, I have always wanted to have a 50s style motorcycle with a large solo seat. I think it looks amazing. I will still be able to fit a passenger seat.

The seat is FIRM meaning I won't be doing any touring on it. It's also quite a bit taller - even taller than the Wunderlich seat I have. I think the seating position with the solo seat is the best yet. Forger about wind protection. The wind now hits me at the top of my chest. It's fine. I'm not planning on chasing speed records anyway.



I haven't gone on long rides yet but I am enjoying the bike.

Longest tank yet before refill: 153.5 miles. The reserve light came on a little early at 135 miles. I still had plenty of gas in the tank when I filled up. Actual gas mileage: 47 mpg. Second tank in a row I get this much.

One of my riding buddies got one to go with his 1250GS. His first changes were seat and windshield too.

The first changes I made on my Road King were seat and fork fangs. Must be universal to this style bike.
I have not yet ridden one, because I would likely buy it, but I have sat on one and it fit me nicely and was lighter feeling than I expected.
If BMW is still offering the incentives they offered last Fall, you should seriously think about one if you fancy it.
How does the power to weight feel ?
The torque is really impressive. I think it's fast for a cruiser. I don't think my XSR700 would be faster. While riding the bike hard is doable, you find its limits fairly quickly. On fast curves, the XSR would go faster than the R18 for sure. However, the slower pace of the R18 is very enjoyable. When I ride it, I get this feeling of "gliding." It's very pure.
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